The price of doing business: Mass Effect 2's hidden DLC costs

Are the hidden costs of digital distribution inherently anti-consumer?

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strange19862288d ago

I really liked most of the ME2 DLC, but the only one I'd consider absolutely essential is Lair of the Shadow Broker (although I personally liked Overlord better). You'd be doing yourself a disservice by skipping out on that one alone.

Otherwise I definitely understand your perspective. Most older games/DLC just seem to be a ripoff, at least on consoles.

Persistantthug2288d ago

I figure I can just wait again.

Aloren2288d ago

All DLC released before the PS3 version came out. You still have to buy arrival, as far as I remember.

PooEgg2281d ago

I loved Overlord and Shadow Broker, both are examples of good DLC, however I felt the rest was overpriced for what was included, and I disliked the idea of having to download part of your team separately, in my opinion all teammates should be included on the disc and DLC should be for expanding the game with new missions.