Say Hello to the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2 and her Companion | DualShockers

We reported yesterday on the new character coming to Borderlands 2 and we now have images of the concept art for the character shown at the panel! Take a look at the Mechromancer and her companion D347-TP, AKA "Deathtrap".

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VanillaBear2360d ago

With all the high tec in Borderlands you would of thought her arm would look a little more advanced.

I'm talking Nina Sharp style :)

JohnColaw2360d ago

That would be interesting but I think they were going for the thrown together look for sure here. Remember though with all those new skins the game is going to have there will surely be a large variety of different looking arms.

Mythicninja2360d ago

So if you don't pre order the game you have to pay for the DLC character according to ign. Funny thing is, I'm a cheap ass, and policies like this usually end up with me buying the game used or with all extra content included on a $5 steam sale. Pity, I would have paid significantly more to have it a little earlier

Hicken2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

So is it Mech+Necromancer? Or is it Mech+Romancer?

JohnColaw2360d ago

They said it was a play on the word Necromancer. Although a "Mech Romancer" would be pretty hilarious.