The 20 best games on PlayStation 3

CVG- It's the question on every gamer's lips, their ultimate quest - "What are the top games for my system?" In an effort to give PS3 owners everywhere a handy 'best of' guide, and stir in a bit of friendly debate (after all, you're welcome to disagree with any of our choices), CVG writers stopped, collaborated and listened in an attempt to chart 20 amazing titles spread throughout the five-year history of the console, titles that look and play brilliantly to this day. Here are the 20 best games on PS3.

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SPARDA_4262354d ago

Oh my god, I have never seen a more terrifying top 20 ps3 games list.

LOL_WUT2354d ago

They didn't even mention MGS4 meh lame list.

doctorstrange2354d ago

Wtf! Something is wrong here.

Indigo1232354d ago

That is one sorry generic and multiplat filled list

They got the valkyria part right......little else..

no metal gear 4, no disgaea, no 13-2, no tales anything ( theres been 3 pick one), no atelier, no dragon age ( get rid of skyrim) ect....

rdgneoz32354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I was agreeing till I saw 13-2... (You say a multiplat list then mention a multiplat...)

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The story is too old to be commented.