24 Exciting Upcoming Vita Games

CVG- Vita's launch could have gone smoother - due in part to the economic slowdown and the delayed western release - but its sturdy, multi-function hardware and impressive launch line up is silencing the doubters. Better yet, the second wave of Vita games is even more promising, with more to follow at E3. Here's all the key Vita releases over the next six months and beyond, plus key developer insight on Vita's future.

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Rainstorm812357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

I normally dont read CVG articles and once i entered this one my stance was reaffirmed. The were downtalking many of the games on the list -No. 14 FFX "It's not the best Final Fantasy - it's not even in the top five, to be perfectly honest - but it does open the door for a port of the genre-smashing Final Fantasy XII next." - Little quips like that for nearly every game and the list looks pretty good to me.

Wolfbiker2357d ago

yeah CVG is a joke, X is definitely top 5 in a lot of fans opinions, to some its even #1. nonetheless this 'looked' like it would be a simple list on what was coming and what it is about, not how this jerk off felt about it. this idiot has a fucking DUST 514 APP on the list, sure it looks cool but it is not an upcoming Vita game, its an upcoming Vita APP!

this article should be re-titled "24 Upcoming Vita Games 'I' Am Excited For".

Rainstorm812357d ago

The author doesnt even seem that excited - "Hideo Kojima's ancient mech game sold thanks to its added Metal gear Solid 2 demo, but enough people bothered to put ZOE in the PS2's tray for the game to get a sequel, a GBA spin-off, and an animated TV series"

Instead of talking about ZOE as a good game , its like he tried to bring it down first, ZOE is one of the HD remasters ive been waiting for and you can transfer your saves between ps3 and psv, sounds great

Indigo1232357d ago

I didnt know when I entered the article it would be port city on the continent of vita

guitar_nerd_232356d ago

I agree! Yet he managed to miss Gravity Rush/Daze.

I think it devalues the HD collections (doing another version) which I'd been collecting as the 'definitive' version of some good series' and now they would like me to pay for them again, again?

I thought that was the point of cross-platform stuff like MotorStorm RC.

neutralgamer192357d ago

Warriors lair sounds sweet!!!! Build your own dungeons that ppl play in? wow im sold. And of course Resistance, MGS and Killzone is a given for me. I will also be getting gravity rush/daze.

NoTheMama2357d ago

I didn't know that the Jak & Daxter trilogy is coming to Vita.
Is this true? I haven't heard any announcements about it

xX-Jak-Xx2357d ago

yeah me too
i hope its true

Xof2357d ago

I can't really get excited over any game without a release date. I'm still waiting on ****ing Steambot Chronicles 2!

Only Vita games high on my hype list are Gravity Crush and Battle Destiny. (No Disgaea or Persona because I've already played 'em--still gonna buy 'em, though. Just like I'm gonna buy my FOURTH copy of Persona 3 tomorrow off PSN).

Knushwood Butt2357d ago

I'm pretty sure that got cancelled due to Irem's shakeup.

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The story is too old to be commented.