A Few Things You Can Do With Your (Now Collectible) Gamecube

With EB Games and Gamestop no longer taking trade-ins on the Gamecube, some people may be wondering what the reason is for holding onto their purple box. Well, here’s a few things you can do with your (now collectible) Nintendo Gamecube.

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Dante1122358d ago

Great advice, Trend. Good read.

TrendyGamers2358d ago

Thanks, do you still have a Gamecube?

Dante1122358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Yeah, I haven't used it in awhile. Seriously thought about inviting a couple of friends over to play Super Smash Bros. after I read your article.

Fylus2357d ago

Now THAT, would be fun.

TrendyGamers2358d ago

I hope you end up doing it!

Xof2358d ago

I expected a meatier article, but I can respect something short and concise.

Personally, I'm holding on to my Gamecube to play gamecube games. Wii b/c sucks IMHO.

Of course, I've only got 2 or 3 Gamecube games to play, and they'd probably look better on an emulator.

AWBrawler2357d ago

How exactly does Wii B/C suck? it works exactly the same as a Gamecube. I know cause I still play on my Gamecube sometimes

Xof2357d ago

Forcing you to use a wired GCN controller is what makes it suck (for me). To get the Wiimote to work well, I have to have it >X away from the Wii, and to get a corded GCN controller to reach, it has to be <X away from the Wii.

It would have been much more sensible to just let us use those advanced controllers for GCN games.

AWBrawler2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

dude I use my Wavebirds idk what you're talking bout.

josephayal2358d ago

The Legacy of the GameCube will never die as the best system of all time

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The story is too old to be commented.