Xbox 360 Becoming Centerpiece Of The Digital Living Room

In a fierce competition with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii, Microsoft said it needed something new to set it apart.

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lynx1halo3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

is it really??? Wow I cant wait ...did they give a date as to when??? so excited

360sucks3694d ago

this is the best joke so far 2day

Says you3694d ago

media like the console that actually works suppose to set it apart since thats what it is a media masterpiece I'm talking about the PS3 and they are just trying to copy what they are doing that's not setting it apart from another console there just doing what there doing!.

w57cpd3694d ago

At lease MS tries to bring the consumer more options with XBL. I have the PS3 and 360. When I go on the PSN the downloadable material is limited and lack organization. How can this be giving the fact that Sony have dealings in movies, games, and music. That like say the 360 cant be linked to a PC. Its crazy, Sony should release HD movies, music videos, and more PSone games over the PSN. Sony use your company resources to deliver the ultimate media system.

General Pinky3694d ago

sony just copes everything and says this is what you guys where waiting for...BUT... you have to wait a bit longer for things to come out...
(i would give it 4 years)
On the other hand xbox 360 is all about now...not next year or the year after...

so plz sony fanboys stay away from the 360 section

rofldings3694d ago

divx certification / play divx/xvid files directly from the hdd / web browser / remote play (videos/music/somegames) / etc / etc / etc.

Blademask3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

However the 360 has XBL which is superior to Sonys Temporary PSN.

The PS3 is also Dolby certified to some form.

Its quiet combined with the Winning HD format. BLuray.

mighty_douche3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

"industry" not "360"..... thats what always gets thrown at me...

EDIT: echo in here?

MaximusPrime3694d ago

this is also an "industry news". everyones welcome to give their view.

tatotiburon3694d ago

remember that PS3 can't play divx/xvid larger than 2GB? certification blows

mighty_douche3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Well if your that big a noob not to be able to split files....

Oh and how many Divx files have you seen over 2gb?

EDIT: Blademask, i have a transformer HD rip in divx, 2.8gb, but thats the only one (out of around 600 movies i have on file). (ill PM you my bank details mate lol)

Oh and yes, most are.

EDIT 2 : Blademask, sorry mate, your right, its x264, sorry bro, guess ill have to go to work tomorrow after all.

Blademask3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

any Divx/Xvid movie releases that are over 2gb.

You dont use Divx to compress HD movies.. you use AC3/x264/VC1.

Divx releases are either 700-800mb or 1gig.. at the max for a divx/xvid movie/tvshow/dvdrip release.

Are all Xbots idiots?

edit @:

Douche Show me the nfo file. and the link to the torrent/nzb.


No worries.. I just know all divx/xvid rips of movies/shows are always well under 2gigs. people split the movies into A & B. i dont condone those activities though :)

hardcorehippiez3694d ago

a successful next gen blu drive for 1

nitramn4g3694d ago

You're right sony fan boys are losers. Go play you're Spiderman 3 movie.

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Boink3694d ago

the 360 has become a part of mine, we stream video through it all the time.

final touch would be a browser. it's not a necessity, but would be nice.

RudeSole Devil3694d ago

Come on every one here is full of shi_t, if you tried to connect to Xbox live in the last few weeks you would understand what I saying. Microsoft needs major improvements before digital distribution is a reality.

Boink3694d ago

but I have been playing COD4 pretty consistenly all through the holidays.

and even if live is down, it does not prevent me from watching movies I have downloaded (just saw shoot'em up in HD, thanks whoever cracked bluray:))

am I happy about the outages? no. will I be demanding compensation? for sure. Does it affect my overall opinion of live? not at all, it is still the best online platform out there and until sony gets home out and catches up the the other dozen or so features that XBL has that they don't, it will stay the best online platform.

cheers, bring on the sony fanboy disagrees...

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The story is too old to be commented.