343 drops additional details on Halo 4's instant respawns and Forerunner Vision

XMNR: Three of the controversial items from the Halo 4 reveal in the May issue of Game Informer was news of an instant respawn, a new armor ability called "Forerunner Vision" and random weapons spawns. While details on the three are still scarce, 343 Industries provided a little more clarification over the weekend that should help alleviate some of the concerns.

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ZigZagLagger2321d ago

.........there better be a "classic" mode...

LoaMcLoa2321d ago

Yeah, the whole idea with load-outs and being able to join matches in progress is kinda making me sick.

Queasy2321d ago

The complaints about being able to join matches in progress is funny to me because one of the common complaints I heard about Reach was not being able to join matches in progress.

Just goes to show that you can't please everyone.

Muffins12232321d ago

That does not bother me and the load outs wont because the load out weapons will be like Pistol,Assult rifle,bmr,dmr,plasma pistole.Weps like that :D While the main weps will not have you spawn with it.I just dont like the jet and i hope to god nothing like armor lock is in the game :C

vevul2320d ago

I dont understand why would that make you sick of matches in progress? You ever played a ranked team slayer and half your team quits? how are you going to come back from that and win the game? Or how about theres a total idiot on your team tryng to betrayal your team mates and they boot him? now what?, your stuck against 4 while you one man short (or more). I think everyone experience the pain before.

GamingPerson2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

hope this turn out great!

vevul2320d ago

Never played Classic playlist. I always thought of it kinda like a room full of people who couldn't adjust to the new play style of Halo, just to keep them at bay. Whenever I talk to someone who likes to play classic playlists, I have an urge to pat them on the head and say 'its ok'.

jdktech20102321d ago

There's called Halo 3 and Halo: Reach depending what your classic tastes are.

I never understood the Halo 3.5 concept....I don't want the same game with new's ok to evolve a bit.

I'm a little concerned with some of the stuff they've talked about but until I've seen it in action, it's all hearsay and not worth worrying about.

SixZeroFour2321d ago

thats true, just like the cod fanbase, if they dont like the latest game, they usually just go back to the one they used to play, which is why cod 4 and black ops are still in the top 10 weekly xbox live activity

KeiserSosay47882321d ago

Power weapons, strategic control of the map, and uniform loadouts are what halo is...when you change that, it's not halo anymore. CODification for my favorite console MP series...CONFIRMED

Kingdom Come2321d ago

How the hell is this like COD? Weapons dropping into the map in random locations, Armor abilities, strategic respawning. Some people just aren't accepting of improvements. Surely it would be more resemblant of COD if it stayed the same each year like seemingly many people want for some strange reason...

KeiserSosay47882321d ago

"...lessen the gap between skilled and non skilled players"

^^^This isn't Halo, the ranking system for the most part showed overall skill, NOT playtime like COD. And I'm sorry but Armor Lock was a crutch for anybody that wasn't as skilled with the DMR. The MLG forums have been in uproar since this crap was announced. Don't get me wrong, I WILL GIVE IT A CHANCE. But as of now, it DOES sound as if it's being made even more accessible ala COD crowd.

Kingdom Come2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Armor Lock hasn't been re-confirmed to be making a return in Halo 4, Weapons dropping into the map in pre-determined destinations prevents camping, as does Forerunner Vision. Many games have incorporated precedires to help lesson the gap between skilled and unskilled players, but this doesn't results in a shift of win/loss, the pro's are still going to outplay the unskilled players and primarily the game is still, at it's core, Halo, and will play so. Also, the Battle Rifle, the most requested weapon to make a re-appearence in Halo 4, after it's notorious non-appearance in Reach, is returning, therefor, I'd say looking at the returning and new mechanics, the changes are positive...

KeiserSosay47882321d ago

@Kingdom Come

While I agree that camping prevention is a good thing. I believe call of duty tried this with the hearbeat sensor and we both know how that turned out. Also, you're right about the assumption that Armor Lock is in the game. I only assumed so because they said that armor abilities were back with a new one(forerunner vision). I actually didn't even agree with the armor abilities/Loadouts in Reach. I understand people have different opinions on that and I've got no problem there. It's just that, imo, the closer we get to the competitive nature of Halo2/3 the better for 343i AND the Franchise.

All I'm saying is that what 343i said last year about looking out for the competitive/mlg community and what has come out over the past few days seem to contradict one another.

humbleopinion2321d ago

How is it codification when COD doesn't even have weapon spawns on the map? The only difference between preset weapon spawns and random weapon spawns (which were optionally available in previous Halo games when manually editing the game properties) is that preset spawns encourage more camping around power weapon spawn points (as we've witnesses for far too long in previous Halo games).
Memorizing a map is not an interesting tactic. This weapon drop feat is a great ADDITION (not replacement) that will counter that issue and should give us an even better Halo experience, without completely sacrificing map control.

Also, there are no weapon loadouts a-la COD and no perk unlocks. There are only armor abilities loadouts (which were already available in Halo Reach) and these only add another interesting layer of strategy on top of the weapon choices (especially for a game like Halo that omits the health packs from the tactical equation).
So, no CODification, just a more interesting and tactical Halo.

tigertron2321d ago

The only things I'm concerned about are loadouts and lack of firefight. Other than that I think the new features sound cool, especially Spartan Ops with weekly missions.

LAWSON722321d ago

I am mainly concerned about the black ops like way of paying for crap to put in a load out