GeForce ForceWare 301.24 Beta Released; boosts performance by up to 23%, FXAA implemented

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia have released a new beta version of their universal ForceWare drivers. ForceWare 301.24 Beta come with the implementation of FXAA and Adaptive Vsync, the addition of FXAA support, and with a performance boost that is up to 23% in several top PC games."

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pandehz2355d ago

Good stuff, just last month I switched to Nvidia and loads of improvements since then :D

pandehz2355d ago

Gonna love it, I had ATi 5850 for like1 yr and half now and had numerous problems with many games.

Rage for example now works great with 60+fps on my gtx 460m

Also can now play AC with medium physx and get 45-50fps :)

Best part for me was now I can use my gfx card for my work. Some of the softwares I use require cuda support DaVinci and Premiere's Mercury Playback engine so yea win win for me :)

Baka-akaB2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

switching soon too , getting tired of Catalyst pilots constant BS issues

MAJ0R2355d ago

I'll be switching soon too from my 5970 because I've had tons of driver issues.

StayStatic2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

I'm switching also , RAGE still doesn't work properly amongst other reasons.

Card = ATI 5870

NYC_Gamer2355d ago

AMD just doesn't invest enough in driver support

SnakeCQC2355d ago

well my 6850 is still okay in terms of power i can max most games at 60 its just random driver crashes albeit they do sort themselves out in seconds but i dont like when it happens (bf3 randomly crashes too not frequently like 2 out of 10 times but still) it plus i want a descent 3d option im going for a 680 when supply is in

humbleopinion2355d ago

RAGE was a relatively different beast since it uses OpenGl and not DirectX like most games, so the card manufacturers (and especially ATI) were not really ready for it with quick driver updates.

But as a Geforce owner in the past couple of years let me just warn you that it's not like all your problems will magically disappear. My Geforce cards had all sorts of issues with games like Bioshock and Dead Space 2 and even Arkham Asylum (which was actually developed with Nvidia's help). Nvidia seems to be a bit quicker about driver updates but these issues can always happen no matter what card you use.

starchild2355d ago

I have an AMD HD 6950 right now, but I plan on getting one of the new Nvidia cards this summer. Both brands can have their issues though.

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mastershredder2355d ago

With the way these updates and betas keep coming I am finding less reasons to upgrade from my dual 285s. Still trucking without drinking the tessellation koolaid! ;) Yeah, I know I gotta upgrade eventually, but I'm pleased as punch that I have gotten so much out of these cards thanks to Nvidia keeping up with stellar support and updates.

theroadtoruin2355d ago

ATI sucks, my GTS 250 still runs everything like a champ at high settings.

ninjahunter2355d ago

XD I love it, Maby i can pull off max in witcher 2 now :) So close.

TheModernKamikaze2355d ago

I have Intel GMA 950 for 4 years, I'm planning to buy GT 440 Gddr5.

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