3 Facts You May Not Have Known About Alex Mason

*Spoiler Alert in this article* With it being the year after Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty releases its pretty safe to say the next Call of Duty game will be made by Treyarch and it will probably be a sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops. As that is just going off of speculation we can determine that this is at least somewhat pointed in the right direction compared to the way Activision releases their Call of Duty titles. With that said we wanted to show you a deeper look into Call of Duty: Black Ops’ protagonist, Alex mason, by providing you with a few fun facts you may not have noticed about the character...

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TheSuperior 2294d ago

Man do i love most of the COD characters. when it comes to really getting to know these guys you can sure learn a lot. Mason is one of my favorites along with Woods and for Modern Warfare its got to be Ghost.

abombletap2294d ago

Black ops Campian was pretty good. But I did not care for Alex mason

TheSuperior 2294d ago

i loved the campign. i though alex mason was so nuts that i just ended up liking the poor guy x)

Dante1122294d ago

Yeah, the campaign was alright. A bit short but decent enough.

erivera19942294d ago

I loved the campaign, hope treyarch makes Black ops 2 a direct sequel to the black ops campaign, i wanna know what happends to Mason, Hudson, and Weaver. Also if Woods is really dead or not.

Bladesfist2294d ago

I did not notice the story, I just shot things :S