RaiderZ: Monster Hunting MMO Gameplay & Combat Interview

RaiderZ is a free to play MMORPG that demands your attention. Fans of Monster Hunter and Dark Souls will want to check this one out. We chat with the developer to learn more.

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Old McGroin2320d ago

A mixture of Monster Hunter & Demon's Souls? Sign me up now!

zeal0us2320d ago

Its basically a free-version of T.E.R.A, the graphics are meh, hopefully they will get better.

Not sure how this game is like Demon Soul, every MMO has mobs that can be difficult to kill.

I hope the add an archer class by the time OBT comes. Playing with the defender got dull.

ATi_Elite2319d ago

Don't know where the hell the Demon Souls comparison came from but RaiderZ is just like Vindictus which is another F2p action/physics based/RPG

@ Zeal0us: Tera is a whole lot more complicated and in depth than RaiderZ. TERA has been featuring it's action combat but it's political system and character customizations is what makes it so unique.

crookedwarden2319d ago

Played the alpha. Don't waste your time; the game is still way too MMO and not enough Monster Hunter. You still run fedex quests and play kill twelve bunnies, and both the combat and the monster AI feels weak.