GTA V PC Release Expectations And High-End Requirements

Techtorial: Most likely, GTA V for PC will be released on 2013 considering Rockstar's strategy of delaying the game on computers from its console counterpart. Meanwhile, expect the game to require some high-end hardware specifications as well.

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hiredhelp2174d ago

Thats music to my ears tells me they put effort in the PC version too.
I for one am ready

Raf1k12174d ago

I would hate for a crappy port again. GTA4 and LA Noire were both bad ports. It would be awesome to have a properly ported game this time especially with it being a GTA game.

Also, I would love some mod tools for this game since it's the modders who keep GTA games alive on PC for years.

ninavoljic2174d ago

but this is RG we're talking about...

kevnb2174d ago

despite everything I still prefer r* games on pc over console. Hoping they dont pass the pc version down to another studio within the company this time though.

SKUD2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

Console port inbound. I highly doubt there is a entirely separate team working on the PC version to ensure problems from the last PC release does not happen again.

Plagasx2174d ago

Can't wait to play Max Payne 3 on PC to see how serious they are.