Joel McHale Goes Viral for Nintendo

Gamertag Radio writes: "Nintendo partnered with Joel McHale to bring the funny to this video (not) about Nintendo 3DS."

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Main_Street_Saint2073d ago

Its awesome that he's doing this for the Nintendo gaming community!

guitarded772073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

That was pretty funny... I hope Nintendo sticks with this type of marketing.

BringingTheThunder2073d ago

getting the whole community cast on would be funny.

GamersXTREME2073d ago

Joel McHale FTW! Nintendo has achieved an awesome viral video here.

mike1up2073d ago

I like Joel McHale... only I like the models a little bit more. Nintendo should use them, they're cheaper (no pun intended).

Anyone notice how the color of their bikinis matched the DS model colors?