Consoles That Don’t Play Used Games, And How You Could Benefit

Critical Hit!: "There’s been a lot of discussion lately about rumors that the next Xbox and PlayStation will both have some sort of system in place that keeps them from playing used games. Unsurprisingly, gamers have reacted mostly negatively to the idea of having the new-or-used choice removed from them. But I’d like to play devil’s advocate for a moment, and ask: could gamers potentially benefit from consoles that don’t play used games?"

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LocutusEstBorg2358d ago

All console games should require activation like Steam. I love this.

ScubaSteve12358d ago

you don't own the games from steam.

GamingPerson2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

hate on steam all you want this is the biggest difference between the pc leaders of the industy & the console leaders of the industry..


for this price [email protected]$k disks!
pc =

consoles =

lol this game just came out!

Bimkoblerutso2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

^Yeah, massive discounts like that are really the only way to approach digital downloads. But then, these games should be massively discounted FROM THE GET-GO and they should NEVER be priced congruently with their physical and/or DRM-free counterparts.

Not only is there absolutely no concept of ownership, but there will never be any kind of resale value with downloadable services. In fact that's a much better word for "games" these days: services. They don't belong to all.

Which again, is fine, but if anyone here really believes that these big corporations are heading in this direction for the good of the consumer (Valve perhaps being one of the very few exceptions), then I've got news for you...the word "gullible," is not in the dictionary. I swear, go look it up.

SnakeCQC2358d ago

trading games with friends or selling them for a lower price is a form of recycling i mean i finish games completely within a few weeks to a month at most so naturally i don't want it taking up physical space in my home. I mean i upgraded the hdd on my ps3 in the early days when it released to 250gb expecting to buy many reasonably priced games without a disk but in the uk it didn't come out on demand for some time and proces are still insane 50 pounds for a game without a a disk and prices do not fluctuate very often obl does it better and more logically prices do come down quicker and i haven't seena a game higher than 40 pounds(price matches rrp) but since a year ago ive moved almost exclusively to pc because of steam. brand new Pc games are priced 20% lower than normal consoles games and i have more freedom i can mod and have many more features. i mean i still buy split screen fps games and first party games for my consoles because i do enjoy them but i feel like i'm being pushed away with crazy levels of greed. I mean if a game isn't doing well its because its a bad game or its poorly advertised im not going to take a chance and buy a game im not too sure about at full retail im buying it used and this move is not going to line devs pockets with more money but its going to hinder them as less people will take a chance on them

DevilishSix2358d ago

I count four "i mean" in your rant. So what do you really mean, lol?

kma2k2358d ago

there is no positive reasoning for consumers, none! Every percieved benfiet like prices going down simply will not happen, in fact game prices will increase! No used games means no competition which means prices never have to go down!

Bimkoblerutso2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Bubbles for you, I agree.

ziggurcat2358d ago

"could gamers potentially benefit from consoles that don’t play used games?"


skyblue142132358d ago

If the next xbox or ps3 does away with being able to play used games I will go to a console that does give me the ability to play used games. If all future next gen consoles restrict the use of playing used games then I won't be buying any future next gen consoles, it is as simple as that.

I have about 45-50% used games in my ps3 game collection and 99% of new titles I buy during sales. I have only bought between 1-5 brand new games at launch price so It would not be worth it to me to invest in a future next gen console just for a few games.

What planet is this author on? It is just a lot of wishful thinking on the author's part in thinking that the gamer/consumer is going to benefit in any way if the ability of used games get restricted from any future next gen console. I mean look how greedy publishers are already? Does the author think for one moment that publisher greed is going to simply vanish if used games are eliminated? As a matter of fact publisher greed will increase due to them having a monopoly on the market.

Also prices on games will remain high for years if used games get eliminated. Take psn and the xbox live market place for example: the games on there are usually high and remain high for years, with the exception of maybe a sale that might pop up once in a rare blue moon that offers an ok discount at best on a particular game. You should also notice the number of copies a game sells for on psn or xbl which they only sell in the numbers of 1000's because people can't resell them and thus people don't take a big risk in buying them because either people can't resell them or get a refund if they are unsatisfied, not to mention buying a product that you cant hold in your hands.

Publishers invest millions and in return make billions yet all I hear from some publishers is them whining about used games, they need to get over it and actually produce games that are worth holding on to at a reasonable price range of $30-$40 with no useless/fickle dlc if they want to curb used game sales. Eliminating used games will only give these greedy publishers sales of brand new games in the thousands and not millions due to the consumers inability to afford to buy each brand new title at a high inflated & bloated price.

I hope whatever publisher or any other company that supports eliminating used games crashes and burns due to their greed.

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