Foxconn working on 10 slot motherboard

Lars-Göran Nilsson:

"The picture below comes from world renowned overclocker Shamino and as it happens, he works very closely with Foxconn on a consultancy basis from what we understand, so this is not a photoshop job, it's the real deal.

However, what we don't know is if this board will actually make it into the retail channel, as it has been developed specifically for overclockers. Yes, it is a 10 slot board, it has four PCIe x16 slots that can accept dual slot cooling solutions and there will still be a couple of free x1 PCIe slots.

However, things aren't quite as good as they first look, as if you take a closer look you'll spot two IDT chips on the board and from what we've heard on the grapewine, these are the older PCIe splitters, which means that if you use four cards with this board, the second pair will only be PCIe 1.0/1.1 and all slots will be reduced to x8 bandwidth.

There's no onboard sound and the board can draw power from two power supplies at once thanks to a pair of 24-pin power connectors. We're somewhat perplexed on the six-phase PWM design which looks a bit basic for something that's meant to be an overclockers dream.

The chipset and PWM cooling seems to be a custom job which has to be connected to a watercooling kit for it to work. We have no idea if this is a custom board for Shamino or if this is actually something that Foxconn will launch, but it might be cleared up during CES."

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mighty_douche3969d ago

Nice idea for the super rich. Not sure id buy a Foxconn board anyway though.

Quad 9800GX2 anyone lol....

gta_cb3969d ago

agreed, i normally go with Asus or Gigabyte, although i THINK MSI are good. but deff Asus or Gigabyte :p

mighty_douche3969d ago

currently i have 3 Asus boards, never had a problem with any of them, good overclocking to.

gta_cb3969d ago

yeah that is the main reason i dont like Foxconn, as i have always heard bad overclocking lol