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2008 Xbox 360 releases

Take a look at expected releases in 2008 for Microsoft's Xbox 360. (Dev, Industry, Xbox 360)
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lynx1halo  +   2882d ago
Where are all of their SMASH HIT EXCLUSIVES FOR 08' ????
it looks like slim pickings for Xbox360
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GITPWNED  +   2882d ago
Funny, cuz I was just thinking there were too many good games to buy. B1tch, shut the f*ck up.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2882d ago
Ha... Nice GITPWNED, bubble for you.
Wii60PS3DSPSP  +   2882d ago
Ha... Nice GITPWNED, bubble for you.
DarkSniper  +   2881d ago
GITPWNED has done the N4G community a disservice by personally insulting one of it's own members in lynx1halo. Dark Sniper encourages everyone to report GITPWNED's comment as offensive and/or spam.

With your help, N4G can be a nice place.

HarryEtTubMan  +   2882d ago
Looks weak... and I'm not a liar. I have a 360. Alan Wake, Left for Dead and Fable should be good... Ninja will be good but trust me.... Ninka Gaiden is a rental. Very much a rental. This list looks very wak in comparison with the 360's 2007 list and ESPECIALLY the PS3's 2008 and even 2009 list. It relaly does.
xplosneer  +   2882d ago
Why does it show RockBand for Q1 08?
Otherwise a solid list.
Chexd  +   2882d ago
Rockband has not been released in Europe yet.
xplosneer  +   2882d ago
Thanks, bubble.
Harred  +   2882d ago
I don't think the 360 is ready to lie down just yet as I would consider buying a few game on that list But overall it's not looking too good on 2008 game releases.
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moses  +   2882d ago
Most of the ones I want aren't in bold, haha.
power of Green  +   2882d ago
This list is sh*t not complete with even the known games comming.

I wouldn't worry about the 360 worry about the false hope Sony fanboys go through time after time.
power of Green  +   2882d ago
I was wondering why Sony fanboys were posting this news.
Sad and pathetic as if this incomplete list is truth and will have impact in reality.
Blademask  +   2882d ago
Stop Crying.
heyheyhey  +   2882d ago
yes its incomplete- its missing RROD, oh no wait a second that was released in 2005
2 cents  +   2882d ago
POG I`m sure that afer seeing sony`s line up for 08, that was the only negative thing that you could find to say.
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brooklyn127  +   2882d ago
If it is not a full list name the exclusive games that are missing then
name those exclusive blockbuster hits thats missing from the list if there are any.If there are any titles missing simply not worth mentioning then shut your mouth.Sony been dominating for fourteen years and will continue to dominate in the future. God of war 3,ff13,ff13versus,mgs4,little big planet,gt5,mgs online,the getaway,Socom Confrontation,Jak and daxter,Resistance 2,Motostorm 2,Haze,Tekken 6,Infamous,White Knight Chronicles,Project origins, and don't forget killzone 2 all are confirmed titles.Name me something other than gears of war 2 that probably wont come out till 09.
Genki  +   2882d ago
This guy looks more and more
like he's going to have a mental breakdown with each passing day. This crap must really hit home for some reason. Kinda sad, but that's what happens when you choose to catch feelings about electronics.
Hypnotic  +   2882d ago
That doesn't even make sense.
2 cents  +   2882d ago
The 360 does have good games coming out this year, but the ps3 line up looks more appealing. And there`s alot of games that i plan to buy so i have to play a good financial strategy, but most of my money will go towards ps3 games. My personal prefference.
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Blademask  +   2882d ago
Why did these guys just make up BS?
Alan Wake.. March 21st?

n4g is just becoming a gateway for crappy sites to get traffic.
MaximusPrime  +   2882d ago
"crap, crap, mega crap" so said Jonah Jameson.
niall77  +   2882d ago
good games
..... but great games?????

theres NG2 and......... excatlly
i Shank u  +   2882d ago
is not on that list. ill take a wild guess that you didnt read it, and commented anyway
monks  +   2882d ago
as a multi platform guy i do have to say it dont look like a great 360 year but there are a few i will be getting like halo wars

does anyone know if there is alot diffrent in Bully: Scholarship Edition 360 to the ps2 version

also i cant see the 360 getting Unreal Tournament 3 in march because it still only been released in usa so far it is expected hear in the UK in march on ps3
segasage  +   2882d ago
Ha I knew the trollers would be here soon enough, the last few comments.

These 360 articles are like bait..where is the neck breaking trap when ya need one.
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MaximusPrime  +   2882d ago
trollers infected PS3 news. So why not here? lol still it is a crap line-up of game.

PS: I own xbox 360 until last year Feb. Got PS3 in March.
heyheyhey  +   2882d ago
my prediction for zhuks upcoming post:

"this year is going to prove what a huge success the XBOX 360 is and with its superior hardware yadda yadda yadda halo blah blah blah mass effect BOOM *gets shot in the ribs* but why? mom why?"
Spike47  +   2882d ago
the 360's 2008 lineup does suck a bit.

even with ms mentioning they had several unannounced exclusives they still need some nice killer apps.

I bet Sony has a bunch up their sleeves too.

the ps3 has some nice titles such as:

Resistance 2
ff versus 13

those are the main killer apps

these are the ones with high potential:

killzone 2
heavy Rain

the 360's lineup just contains either not popular games or just 2 or 3 killer apps.

It's the truth, maybe if MS packs up Gow2 and some halo game than their lineup will be as good as the ps3's but it kinda looks bad FOR NOW.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2882d ago
Alan Wake in March......
(sarcastic voice)
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power of Green  +   2882d ago
You trolls are idiots. This was dug up in response to the MSFT will release some unannounced exclusives in 2008. This is all you losers do, you bash sreading slanderish fud.

This list is garbage.
heyheyhey  +   2882d ago
"this list is garbage"

hey look whos coming around after years of pro-360 talk
2 cents  +   2882d ago
I`m glad you agree this list is garbage, the ps3 list is SO much better. Finally an xbot enlightened.
nitramn4g  +   2882d ago
You're right!
Let these PS3 losers have there moment of glory. When the time comes and half there games in 2008 get push DELAYED yet again, they will calm down. I expect 2008 to be a bit better for PS3 but not that much. Xbox 360 will come with a wave of games as usual.
DarkSniper  +   2882d ago
XBOX 360's shoddy hardware will break industry records by transforming expected "AAA" exclusives into "FFF" exclusives upon release.

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power of Green  +   2882d ago
I wouldn't be posting those games it took 120 million people to sell 4 million copies of some of those games on PS2, where as on the 360 it only takes 10 million.

PS3 fanboys always say because" the 360 has new IP's and are not known or "popular" they wont sell or push hardware", it has been proven time after time you people are malice driven idiots.
Spike47  +   2882d ago
lets put it this way.

if u own a nice PC. don't waste you're time on buying an xbox360.

you can get AlAn wake,age of conan, gears 2 after a year or several months , left for dead, and you are limited to two games:

ninja gaiden 2 and fable.

Wow, you know I always thought that ms would just make a huge suprise and bring out some big guns in 20008 but damn that lineup sucks @ss.

I mean it really sucks. If it were'nt for ninja gaiden than the wii would have a shoulder to cry on.

Really, don't get me started about the wii's lineup, just because it does'nt have dmc4, rainbow six vegas 2, gta4, and a couple of others is already a reason why the wii's lineup sucks.

And guys this may be bashing but it is also the truth. I admit the ps3's 2007 lineup was a pile of crap but so does the 360's 2008 lineup FROM WHAT WE HAVE SEEN.
BIGBAER  +   2882d ago
The "play it on pc" argument is a weak one and affects console releases little if any at all.
I own four "great pcs" and a Mac to boot. I don't play games on any of them. I gave up pc gaming years ago. I own my 360s (3, two Elites and my Launch Premium 360) BECAUSE I can play PC games on my TVs effortlessly and comfortably in my living room, study, and bedroom.

My pcs and my mac are for my business and home use. I am an excellent multi-tasker but I won't 'play' on my pcs even though they are more than capable of running any game out there.

I do love shooters, but I hate keyboard & mouse interfaces: they're far too easy. I DO like the challenge----and feel (rumble too!) of the 360's controller. There is simply a greater sense of immersion than the dead, lame feeling of 'point & click.'

Understand that the pc vs. console argument works both ways. In fact, I'd guess that more gamers have abandoned pc play in favor of console gaming rather than the other way around.

I will always pass on the pc version when I can get the same game for my 360. And if it isn't available for console play then I just pass on it altogether.
Matpan  +   2882d ago
I think it is a good solid release list.

Nothing to envy the competitors...

I wish UT3 looks better than the PS3 just to rubb it a little on the fanboys faces :P just kiddin´

I really look forward to some of those games.

BTW, Anyone knows which is the least prone to go RRoD 360 model? I want to buy a new one, selling my repaired one. If anyone knows plese tell me. Is MS announcing a new model which will definitely issue this subject in the near future? should I wait?

Please any answer saying: Yes the PS3 model... please refrain from posting. I am looking to buy a 360 again. So...

2 cents  +   2882d ago
Sorry man but the rrod comes bundeled with every 360, is the full package, i should know i`ve been through 3 already.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2882d ago
Well truthfully, None of the 360s are %100 free of Rrod

You're best bet is to go with a falcon 360 or an Elite.
mesh1  +   2882d ago
the 360 list of games in 2008 are just more appealing than the ps3 release to many remakes coming out on the ps3 nothung new and only 3 exclusive games 360 owners are 1s again going to laugh at the ps3 owners ,same thing happens each year wer here its the year of the ps3 and what happens its get owned exactly the same thing happened the at the start of 2007 and we know what happend uncharted flopepd/liar flopped /heavensword flopped/rachet and clank flopped ps3 gamers if they are any whould no its not about big names but abou tquality games which the 360 has coming out in 08 unlike the ps3
2 cents  +   2882d ago
I only hope that you`ll still show up when the opposite happens, so that i can rubb it in your face, when the 360 will lose this gen.
killer_trap  +   2882d ago
it's a good list, maybe with a few Microsoft surprises it could be better. but seriously no matter what MS brings in 2008 it won't match metal gear, GT5, and FF13 combo. so just enjoy your games people
BWS1982  +   2882d ago
Too early to tell
on both sides, some may flop, some may get delayed, some exclusives may become multi, some may come out of the woodwork at GDC or E3...too many variables to say how it'll play out, what's important is that each side has the titles they're dying for to come out and they can enjoy them. Competition only helps drive quality IMO....
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   2882d ago
umm a lot of their bolds, don't have release dates. For example, I am 100% sure ut3(360) is NOT coming out in March.
Rayko  +   2882d ago
my god
Good exklusive games coming out 2008
Alan wake
Banjo 3
Gears of war 2
fable 2
HALO wars
Killer instinct 3 (2008-2009)

Good exklusive PS3 games coming out 2008
Little big planet (very cool)
killzone 2 (super hyped like HALO)
Metal gear (I hate this game)
FF 15-20?? (I forgot the number)

Wii got
Super smash
fatal frame 3
mario kart
wii sports 2

most interesting third party games 2008

Resident evil 5
alone in the dark
Roger Rabbits adventure
vloeistof  +   2882d ago
gears 2 well then add resistance 2 to ps3 list.

o and eight days the getaway3 killzone 2 motorstorm2( not sure ) tekken 6 gt5
rulkezx  +   2882d ago
GDC is next month
And MS have the biggest booth, if nothing of note is announced then you sony sheep can come back and slate the console then
Bullseye  +   2882d ago
There are no
definitives with something like this.To start with it's all highly subjective.Now, i'm shortly to get a PS3 when Wipeout is released, so don't start slagging me, but i'm not totally convinced about the PS3's lineup.The way i see it, there is definitely a PS3 gamer 'type' and a 360 gamer type. I know its not good to generalise and yes, i'm sure there are many exceptions, but if i use myself as an example to illustrate my point. I have seen the PS3 list and i have seen the 360 list, so far. Most of my choices,not all,but most, would be from the 360 list without a doubt.For me the PS3 has far to many Japanese influenced games that simply don't appeal to many, myself included.You can take this any way you choose,but i think the difference between PS3 gamers and 360 gamers goes deeper than loyalty to a console brand.In my limited personal experience it does seem that PS3 gamers are generally younger than 360 gamers.I know i've used another generalisation and i don't have any proof, but maybe this correlates to the type of games we prefer? So if i say, you know what? I prefer the 360 line up, i mean it,really. Not slagging PS3, because i'll have one soon, but only because i like Wipeout so much.
BWS1982  +   2882d ago
Very much
how my sentiments go. I guess I can sort of understand the whole flame war thing to an extent but people need to remember you're insulting someone's taste in games by saying your taste is better, but the problem is that it doesn't come off this way. I'm a huge fan of shooters (perhaps would lean me towards 360, since a good deal of exclusives lie there), but also a huge fan of what only PS3 has going (Killzone 2, Resistance 1 & 2, Haze, Uncharted 1 & 2, Coded Arms Assault, God of War 3, MGS4, Eight Days, Wipeout HD). I could have loads of fun either way the way I see it. I know what you mean about not being as big a fan of the Japanese stuff, I have a hard time getting as excited about Little Big Planet (I know a UK dev did it but it seems to have a Japanese feel) and FF13 (honestly never been a huge fan). I also am not a racing sim fan (more of an arcade one, like Burnout) so GT5 just isn't for me. On the other hand, the 360's hardware scare is a total turnoff and the fact that Xbox 1 lasted only 4 years and it's been 2 already for 360 is alarming. Lack of WiFi built in is stupid too. I plan to get both though in the end, which I believe is best for me. wow didn't mean to ramble....
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mintaro  +   2882d ago
it's not a bad lineup, though not even close when compared to the ps3
GITPWNED  +   2882d ago
Look at all these Sony nerds cry. Gears 2 is going to absolutely crush anything to hit PS3 in '08. Just wait for those NPDs, and then you can get raped.
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