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2011′s Mortal Kombat served as a reboot of the classic franchise in every sense of the word. From a back-to-basics approach, to a retelling of the story from the first two games, the title gave players a chance to relive the classic titles of the franchise with modern-day graphics and gameplay. Now, with the PlayStation Vita showcasing handheld versions of some of the best console fighting games on the market, VGW’s 2011 fighting game of the year is ready to make its mark on the platform with Mortal Kombat Vita.

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Dante1122353d ago

Can wait to pick this up once it releases.

bobrea2353d ago

Played it at PAX. Pretty sweet.

aDDicteD2353d ago

nice, it's a must have!

MasterCornholio2353d ago

I enjoy the fact that it contains more content than the console versions, this game should be worth the retail price. What is disappointing is that there is no cross play.