Gaming's Biggest Movie Rip-Offs: Can't get the license? Make it anyways

Games Radar writes, "Game of movies, movies of games, they're both usually about as much fun as the death of a clown at a ten year-old's birthday party. But still we just can't resist combining the two. Maybe it's because we like our games to be epic and involving like movies, or maybe it's just because they both happen on a screen and we can't be bothered to differentiate. Either way, since the dawn of gaming we've had an almost instinctive craving to blend the two media, and it almost always blows up in our faces."

"Thankfully though, certain developers have cracked a magical formula for making the unholy alliance work. A method by which to integrate a movie's concepts into an interactive format while still creating an enjoyable and worthwhile product. The technique? Ripping the movie off without bothering to buy the license. Yes it seems that without the official branding on the box, the evil mistakes the game inside for an innocent one and so neglects to infect its code. Don't believe us? Read on. The flagrant 'borrowing' has been going on for years."

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bym051d3996d ago

Hmmm... I always equated Duke Nukem with Howie Long more that Bruce Campbell.

socomnick3996d ago

When you put it that way duke does look like howie.

bozemanriverrat3996d ago

Tomb Raider to Indiana Jones connection was just to obvious to make?

smashballs3996d ago

This article was garbage that basically scraped the bottom of the bin to base its unprovocative theory on less than a dozen unverified "ripoffs." If you're going to get pissed at the Medal of Honor series for ripping off Saving Private Ryan for its re-creation of the Normandy landing.. oh man. That is some ignorant crap.

Whoever wrote this has a very limited scope of games, history, and literary tradition that basically demands that all creative mediums borrow from each other.