Confessions of a Gamer – Episode 2 -"I've never played a Zelda game"

"Almost to the point of sacrilege, I fail time and time again trying to muster any kind of plausibility as to why I’ve avoided this esteemed franchise all this time. There has to be some underlying reason why I never bothered with Zelda. Could it be Mario’s fault?"

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Ilovetheps42319d ago

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite series. I've enjoyed the series since I was 6 years old. You should try a Zelda game sometime. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Horny2319d ago

It was my favorite franchise until metal gear solid 3 came out and mgs became my favorite.
I still love a link to the past and ocarina of time. After that however I lost a lot of interest in the series, however I still played them and they are great games.

Lucretia2319d ago

what happened is nintendo found a good formula to rehash, and well they just kept rehashing it, still fun but they stopped trying. odd cause majora's was good and different, but oh well

gtxgamer22319d ago

WHAT!? is that even possible? my 3 year old nephew has even played a zelda game!

TheKindRoost2319d ago

I've never played one and most likely never will. I just never saw the appeal honestly.

TopDudeMan2319d ago

I only played ocarina of time because it was remade for the 3DS(and one of the first ones on the nes when I was very young). I'm just not really into it. The games are really clever, and I can't exactly fault them, but there's just something about them that makes them hard to get into for me.

Game0N2319d ago

Yea its definitely due to its nintendo exclusivity, many people migrated over to the other consoles in the 90s to 2000s

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