Blast From The Past: R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

"Ridge Racer has been a stalwart series for Namco. Having started out in arcades and then moving onto the Playstation and home consoles across the ages, it was the epitome of an arcade racer. Eventually the series began to wane, it’s appeal dulled as more action based racers cruised onto the scene – that however has changed thanks to the much needed reboot given to the franchise by FlatOut developer Bugbear Studios on Ridge Racer: Unbounded; a game that literally trumps any arcade racer for the last few years. This week we take a look back on the series’ heyday, and arguably it’s last great entry before Unbounded arrived on the scene."

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ShadyDevil2358d ago

Better than Ridge Racer on the Vita, an incomplete game.

Tzuno2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

the best, so much fun back then.

SKUD2358d ago

Great game with an awesome sound track. Sadly, its been down hill since then for the RR series. With no signs of stopping. What a damn shame.