GameInsider: Armored Core V Review

For all it’s faults, ACV would be worth the massive time investment if the gameplay were actually fun. Much to my dismay, it isn’t. While the mechs handle well enough after some practice and can shred enemy forces with ease, the ACs just never feel truly powerful. There’s a mix of reasons why. The weak mech and weapon sounds hurt the game a lot. The lack of vibration when your mech takes steps, uses powerful boosters to blast skyward or dodge gatling fire, or fires its own howitzers sink an already leaking ship.

ACV is a mixed bag. It’s only worth a buy for pretty hardcore mech fans. And, it’s only recommendable then because there really isn’t any competition in the mech combat genre by and large. It’s not a bad game, per say, but it’s far from good. Armored Core V offers a ton of options and content to players… but the best choice may simply be to leave this part in the shop until it’s discounted.

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