Feature: Game|Life's Predictions (And Advice) For 2008

Game|Life's Chris Kohler writes:

"2007 was a crazy time for the videogame industry. Maybe we can put all that behind us as we stride boldly into 2008. With the console wars pretty much settled, spread out before us is a smörgåsbord of software sure to please the owners of every console.

Oh, who am I kidding. The knock-down-drag-out fight that is this hotly contested hardware cycle will continue to rage into 2008, and half of the games that look so good in screenshots will turn out to be junk. They always do.

So to start the year off right, Susan Arendt, Earnest Cavalli, and yours truly have put down some of our thoughts on the coming year: What to expect, what to dread, and what advice we'd like to offer to game makers as we barrel into the future."

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blynx1823998d ago

Nintendo will likely have a great time throughout the whole year, with DS and Wii leading the pack as usual.

Microsoft will struggle early on as usual, but will rebound will strong software sales, but without Halo, who knows what will happen...

Sony will undoubtly have a better year than 07, but due to the relatively slow start of some of their best games yet on the PS3, the black box will probably outsell the 360, but trail everyone else

wiizy3998d ago

now these guys are great analyst... i agree with everything