Hands On: Sorcery [TheSixthAxis]

TheSixthAxis writes: "I was really rather excited when I opened my mail to find a preview copy of PlayStation Move exclusive title, Sorcery, staring back at me. I, like many others, was suitably impressed when the game was originally shown off many moons ago; in fact the only reason I still have Move is that I wanted to get my hands on this game. So, that’s a rather hefty bag of expectation I’ve dumped on Sorcery’s lap – can it live up to it?"

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sinncross2324d ago

Sounds promising... cant wait to see how the final game measures up.

r212324d ago

sounds good, maybe we'll get a demo to try the game out. a smoother version of course. by the sound of the preview, its need more polishing before its released.