My Love/Hate/Adore Relationship with Xenoblade

The game I wanted to love above all others is finally in my hands. The initial verdict after a few hours of playing? Well, it's complicated...

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CarlitoBrigante2206d ago

One of the best JRPGS this gen.

Nothing is complicated when we have a handful of JRPGS this gen.

Menashe2206d ago

Our main review will be up in a few hours. Just wanted everyone here to know that we gave Xenoblade our Game of the Year award last year and the editor who will be reviewing it has played over 200 hours and completed over 400 sidequests. So, rest assured, 99% of the staff is crazy over Xenoblade.

noxeven2206d ago

i have been enjoying this game so far only wish on xb360 or ps3 so it could get the graphic boost it deserves

Yi-Long2206d ago

... so that should boost the graphics up nicely.

If you can't wait for the WiiU, or aren't planning on picking it up, you could consider installing the Dolphin emulator on your PC and play Xenoblade in HD right away.

DarkBlood2206d ago

yeah the dolphin emulator is the best bet, there wont be any graphical boost for wii games as stated by nintendo, unless they are known to lie about this sort of thing to keep it a suprise at E3?

Indigo1232206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

"All of the hype surrounding Xenoblade suggested an old-school JRPG; a breath of fresh air in a genre that has strayed so far from its roots"

did you play radiant historia? You claim your a crono trigger fan, and if you played this game along with hundreds of others this gen, this quote would still be in your head

your other mistake was quoting that egm review...........

"Xenoblade is most definitely not a return-to-classic-form JRPG. It isn’t what I had hoped it would be."

this is the problem when people dont play games, and research games.........anyone knew it was basically a different kind of final fantasy XII..........

And this isnt a [problem, unlike western rpgs where they are basically all the same gameplay wise....... japanese rpgs are usually all quite different and thats ok......

you want a "classic"( even though this doesnt mean anything) japanese rpg?

like I said did you play trails in the sky? radiant historia? golden sun 3? anything?


"handful of JRPGS this gen." if by handful, if you mean hundreds, I agree with you, because in terms of pure quantity, thats how many there were this gen

EvilTwin2206d ago

Perhaps I should've clarified with console entries; I'm not a handheld gamer (nor do I own more than one home console for this gen). I think the EGM reviewer had a point on the MMO-factors within the game, but YMMV, as opinions always do.

Hicken2206d ago

I never saw ANYTHING that suggested that Xenoblade Chronicles was old-school in the least. People raved about the game as one of the best this generation, especially in terms of JRPGS, but I never heard or saw anyone say it was traditional in any sense. And any research/gameplay would have shown you as much, to boot.

As far as only owning one console, I can sympathize, but that doesn't mean those games are discounted. There are dozens apiece on the DS and PSP, and at least a handful of solid titles on the PS3 and 360. I'm not as familiar with the Wii's JRPG library, but if it's just three or four, like the other two, that's still a pretty good number on consoles.

Thepcz2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

judging an epic game of biblical proportions like xenoblade after a few hours play?

You've got to be kidding right? You need to devote around 50plus hours and you'l be around halfway through the game. By THAT time, you will be in a position to judge the game, you will completely hooked and know xenoblade is classic..

I must admit at first i was underwhelmed, but give it time.

EvilTwin2206d ago

Oh, I will, man. Trust me. That's why this is listed under a preview, and the last line is to watch for our full review (written by someone at our site who has put a LOT of time into the game).