5 Upcoming Vita Games To Sway Your Wallet

"Though slower than many predicted, the PSP Vita is slowly gaining in popularity. Until the inevitable price drop, coinciding with this year’s apocalypse (it is 2012 after all), there won’t really be enough of a user base to justify a mass catalogue of games... I made this little list of 5 games that might sway your decision into getting one. Some are more known than others but all are more than capable of convincing me at least in getting one."

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NukaCola2356d ago

Please don't forget LBP as well. That game has me more than excited.

KillerPwned2356d ago

I need something new for my Vita. The Vita itself is not boring at all but it sucks that its at a slow start. Cannot wait till the end of may to get Resistance than June for Gravity Rush.

teedogg802356d ago

Same here man. I desperately need something new to play. Can't wait for Mortal Kombat and Resistance in May.

KillerPwned2356d ago

If you like JRPG's I highly recommend you go buy Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection. Very fun game and has a ton of content to last till next month. Its on the PS store for either $20 or $30, I cant remember to well.

Luc202356d ago

Been playing lots of psp games on my vita recently. you can even play online with other people via adHoc party.Cant wait for Gravity Rush tho!

Kalowest2356d ago

Gravity Dash and Grand Knights History are the only great Vita games out off the 5.

r212356d ago

wait, are psp games being ported to PSV cards? if it is, awesome. now i dont need to waste my 8GB card. also, yes to all!

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The story is too old to be commented.