Aliens DNA in Borderlands 2 | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK: :"During an interview with Gearbox's Steve Gibson, the VP of Marketing revealed that the developer's internally-shared resources meant that Borderlands 2's wildlife adopt routines and strategies developed for the Alien species in Colonial Marines - from movements to communication.

"What you probably noticed was the Stalkers you ran into early on - those guys that jump at you and jump up on areas - are very similar to how you imagine the Alien and that A.I system would navigate the world," he explained.

"And on the other side is how some of the Aliens - they communicate with each other because they're a smart breed, you see how a lot of the [Borderlands 2] A.I communicate with each other. Robots healing each other, Skags calling each other in...there's a lot of benefits to having shared central resource of guys that understand A.I and understand path-finding, so it's been great."

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IM_A_MARVEL2323d ago

Aliens DNA huh, I hope this doesn't end up like Ripley 8 or that God damn Newborn!