4 Things We'd Like To See In Dead Space 3

GP: "While still not officially announced, Dead Space 3 has been revealed to be in development and is definitely still a game to look forward to in the following year or so. So far the Dead Space series has been consistent with its console releases, using the original game’s formula to craft an excellent sequel.

As long as Visceral Games can keep doing whatever it is they do, then perhaps Dead Space will perform a rare feat of producing a series in which every game is incrementally better than its predecessor. In order to achieve that, however, Visceral will have to do a few things first, and here’s what I hope to see them do in the next game."

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NukaCola2208d ago

I would like to see DeadSpace3 get a bit of the metroid treatment. I would like to revisit areas and use abilities to unlock other areas, different suits for differnt type of locales. I think that would be really cool.

I can't think of anything other than that I would want. Visceral has done a brilliant job. Dead Space 2 was by far one of the best games of last year. I think is was really under appreciated and it's campaign was right up there with every other AAA title. I MP mode sucked though. I think a co-op/horde mode is fine, but save the disc space for a longer campaign. Having that metroid open style on the next title would be really awesome.

But I trust the team. And if Frostbyte 2.0 is used, then I think fear will be an understatement for what then deliver.

Convas2208d ago

Fingers crossed for an E3 reveal then!

THC CELL2208d ago

i would like to see a game like the thing made again with coop but with a twist like a coop player could be infected and then take down other players at some point..

JohnCarpenter2208d ago

They should use some kind of construction kit for the mutations to create multiple "unique" necromorphs.

tigertron2208d ago

Just for Visceral to continue what they're doing, but instead of DS2's multiplayer, a horde mode would be awesome and thats what they should have done. Have a team of 4-5 surviving waves of Necromorphs.

Anyway it will be interesting to see where DS3 will take us in terms of locations and story. Another ship? or another space station perhaps? I don't think Isaac Clarke's story is over.


Agree with optional Coop mode after you beat the game solo so you don't ruin the experience, and totally agree with the Horde mode. I would also like a survival mode where you have to cooperatively complete objectives and then get out alive. Lastly, I would also like the game to be able to mix up levels like a puzzle so that you will never know what monster will jump out at you next.

J86blum2208d ago

I like this, and agree with it, co-op as a reward for betting the game..heck yes infact maybe throw in only some rooms you can get in co-op mode.(But make it flow correctly) and in co-op the enemies should be harder since its basically playing a choke point game at that point.

Give Issic some construction puzzles that matter, like if he gets it done in time he gets to enter said room, or if he fails at it, or dosent open or fix said item he moves on without it, and give us choices to make (like in Silent Hill Homecoming) like having to kill or sacrifice innocent people to get your way or make an objective easier.

Also make him slightly more odd..I mean his mind is already messed up, lol like maybe at some moments you hear him whistle the twinkle twinkle little star song, or he says dark things (he finds funny) to other people.

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