Meet Your Miss Yakuza 5 Candidates

Andriasang: The 15 girls who will market the next Yakuza game get their 15 minutes.

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Colonel_Dante2051d ago

wow.. must be a slow news day, heh?
Well.. for the sake of fun, my vote is... for the last one.
Yeah. Seriously, they have "special weapons or abilities"?
Cool, Ive got one too. Like Vegeta, its Big Bang Attack...

CarlitoBrigante2050d ago

Wow you so funny!!!

This is great news, as Yakuza 5 is now confirmed to be coming! Sega is set to lose money this fiscal year and they will drop some franchises, glad Yakuza ain't one of them.

ritsuka6662050d ago

Love all this japanese girls.

dc12050d ago

Just finished Yakuza DS..... And Loved it! Sure the camera sucks but, you get used to it.
Bring on Y5. And good look to the 'Yakuza Girl 5' candidates.

Redempteur2050d ago

Those 15 are great ... i really can't wait for the next yakuza game