Bad at gaming? Blame your TV

John Archer writes:

"The Christmas holidays are a chance to put in some serious time console gaming. Excellent. Um, except for the fact that last week, at least, my gaming talents appear to have completely deserted me.

Seriously, it's bizarre. I used to hold my own against most of the Yanks playing Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 online, or strum my guitar in perfect time with the music on Guitar Hero III. But last week I was getting shotguns in my face before I'd even noticed anyone was there, and my musical timing was so bad that Brian May was crying into his magnificently unfashionable hair.

What's going on? Was my age suddenly catching up with me? Were my reflexes giving up the ghost? Thankfully, no. It turns out the reason for my new-found crapness was, in fact, my TV. Let me explain..."

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Rice3934d ago

Nevered experieced it, it must be annoying.

Chad Warden3934d ago

Blame Xbox consoles. They're for fake gamers.

WilliamRLBaker3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

lets see higher attach ratio then both next gen consoles, more systems sold then ps3, more online users then both next gen systems combined for the next 3 years lol

yeah its for fake gamers all right.

2 disagrees with facts..the disgreediots are strong on this site.

WilliamRLBaker3934d ago

buy new hdtv! hypnotoad! buy new hdtv so companies pay me money for geting people to buy new hdtvs.

player9113934d ago

You can blame it on Plasma TVs and cheap LCD's.

The reason? Refresh rate. Cheap LCD's can have up to a 25ms or higher refresh rate, killing any type of reaction in game. A good LCD TV or monitor will be 8ms or less.

Plasma TV's are bad for gaming by nature because it takes the plasma time to change colors so they have a bad refresh rate as well.

This is just basic HDTV stuff. I know because my mom has a Plasma and playing Guitar Hero 3 on my sisters PS2 is "off".

So Chad Warden, your just a moron wasting everyone's time. I would consider you spam. This problem is with TV Techology. A PS3 will be just as bad.

FirstknighT3934d ago

Actually plasmas are the best for next gen gaming since it has the fastest response time. LCD's suffer from many motion problems including HD blurring. Since the majority of games are around 720p than its best to get a 720p plasma. Putting 720p material into a 1080p set than u will have game lag. Some games are more noticeable than others.

A 720p 42 inch Sammy Plasma is PERFECT for the 360.

boodybandit3934d ago

a crt set. Plasma sets have (not all but most including the Samsung) ghosting issues, burn in and IR problems, which to me are worse than motion blur on LCD sets.

I don't game on a LCD or plasma set because of these issues. I think, other than CRT's, DLP sets offer the best bang for the buck with the least amount of problems for gaming. The response time is really good, very minimal blur if any and no ghosting, burn in or IR to worry about.

BTW I own all of the above so I am not talking out of my backside.
I use plasma for movies, LCD for sports and DLP for gaming. CRT sets are for my kids bedrooms.

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