Save 15% on Astro Gaming Headsets

Astro Gaming is home to what is debatably the best gaming headset of the time, the Astro A40. Along with amazing sound quality, they also boast a high price. Astro Gaming rarely has any sales, so if you have been considering picking up a pair now is the best time to pull the trigger.

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JimmyJames702360d ago

I have a set of Astro A40s and they pretty much do rock.

pangitkqb2360d ago

I've never used Gaming headsets, but I am curios. Do they really improve the game as many say?

Adexus2360d ago

They're pretty decent but I think I'm just unlucky because the right speaker became much louder than the left, sent them back and got a replacement, after a few days this one did the same, actually preferred the Tritton AX720s for sound and comfort as well, the Astros just aren't that comfortable and you can always tell that they are there because of their weight... just my experience with them :P

Kyosuke_Sanada2360d ago

Well speaking from experience, they are really good especially if you are in to Survival Horrors. I used Tritons to revisit Silent Hill and the game felt brand new to me due to the new level of immersion they brought. So many sounds went unheard due to my standard television speakers but I shouldn't ramble. In the end, yes I believe you should give them a try....

topekomsi2360d ago

I have a turtle beach Px5, and to the point, Yes gaming headsets add a whole new level of awareness and immersion. Survival horror, fps, rpg, racing all benefit from surround sound. i use mine mainly to hear footsteps on CoD.

NobleRed2360d ago

They are overpriced. They just simulate surround sound. If you build in 8speakers or more I could say they are worth the money but selling a two speakers headset for that price is way to much.