Lollipop Chainsaw EB Games Preorder Bonus Costume, DLC & Keychain

Grasshopper Manufacture’s Lollipop Chainsaw won’t come in a special edition release in Australia but there are a selection of choice preorder bonuses via Australian Retailer EB Games.

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finite2233d ago

I wonder if Game will actually game able to secure this release.

DarkBlood2233d ago

im not from there, but werent they saved by some other company?

so this wouldnt be a problem for them anymore for u guys?

Run_bare2232d ago

hmmm... between this and Darksiders 2 in June... I wish I can get them both.

finite2232d ago

TBH this could be a short term fix for GAME in the UK, Companies are still not supplying them with games and unless they change there attitude and prices, they will just lose again, and this time know-one will save them