ChronoGamers-The Showdown Effect – PAX East Preview

A while back I saw an interview with film director Danny Boyle, whose work includes Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, and Slumdog Millionaire. Boyle stated that the reason he continues to love film-making and keep making such brilliant movies, is that he always tries to do something new. To go outside of his comfort zone is to expand both his view on the industry, and his skills.

I’ve always remembered that, and though it applies differently for game development, I feel that the philosophy is still valid for some development studios. It’s like when you get so comfortable in a chair. You don’t want to leave it, because it feels so perfect for you. I always admire developers who attempt to try to do something outside of the box they built themselves into.

Arrowhead Games, the studio behind the surprise hit Magicka, has broken out of that oh-so-real imaginary box. They are now working on a 2.5D multiplayer platforming shooter, called The Showdown Effect.
-Sam Adonis

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