Top 5 Games That Absolutely Have To Be Played This Easter

In an absolutely serious article, Capsule Computers delve into the Easter Spirit by giving us a list of games that have to be played at Easter time.

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Soldierone2353d ago

Lol at the "the whole family can LAN Quake together this Easter" It made me laugh :P Imagine a whole family that celebrates easter by playing Quake instead of going to church :P

sonicsidewinder2353d ago

Can't stop laughing.

Can't wait to LAN up Quake for some fraggin with the family over easter.

Dark_Overlord2353d ago

"The game features clean material that is highly suitable for all ages and has 12 different endings that players can unlock by going down several different branching paths."

"I’d suggest playing this game with your entire family present, sound turned all the way up (so loud your neighbours can hear it) and by hooking your PC up to your 50″ LED television set."

HA HA HA, I've played Bible Black, and would probably die of laughter if someone who didn't know the game tried this :D

Hicken2353d ago

Ah, Bible Black. The perfect game for any family gathering.

masterabbott2353d ago

Love this list... i think i know what ill be doing for the next few days.

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