Darksiders II Community Q&A Session with Jay Fitzloff

T-Hill writes: Out of all the new IP’s that have come out this generation only Darksiders continues to make me droll at the mouth when it’s mentioned.

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Cennus2354d ago

I want to get the collector's edition just for the mask. It could make for a sweet Casey Jones costume on Halloween!

TheXgamerLive2354d ago

Darksiders 1 was one of my 5 top fav games of all time. I spent nearly 40hrs. playing on apocolyptic level and didnt wanna stop.
I searched everything, every area every crevice over and over.

You can't compare this to Dante's Inferno or God of war, they were the most linear games ever, no choices, no searching, zero, BUT this game is a huge Huge HUGE open world and you can free roam all over and enjoy the adventure. Spend hours searching/exploring and not story forced to move on until you feel like it, and it you really explore you'll find a few hiddens encounters that will have you doing that OMG thing.

They really did hit on something great and I can't wait for DARKSIDERS II.

Mikhail2354d ago

I want to buy a boxed edition of this gamef for PC.

kevinsheeks2353d ago

I can't wait for this game kind of hope not so many puzzles lol

Dante1122353d ago

Awesome video, laughed so hard at the pie question lol