UNCHARTED 3 Drake’s Deception Drake’s Deception Map Pack Gamplay Trailer & ScreenShots

T-Hill writes: On April 10th there will be a new map pack containing four new maps. The new maps include, Graveyard, Old Quarters, London Streets and Oasis.This map pack is set priced at $9.99 or free with the Fortune Hunter Club.

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Cennus2358d ago

I was surprised with the Uncharted multi-player back in UC2. It was actually pretty good and addictive. It only got better with the third game. Glad to see they are still supporting it.

THC CELL2358d ago

I really wish they never took them intro out I loved them little clips

WillGuitarGuy2358d ago

One thing I was worried about the graveyard map was if players were going to drown or be able to swim. I saw cutter swimming so...EPIC.

VsAssassin2357d ago

I believe now's the perfect time to buy the Fortune Hunter's Club DLC. I also hope they add more to the powerplay feature and add two or three more paid boosters. Love this game!

r212357d ago

powerplay is okay as it is, i dont know how they can expand it even more. the only thing i dont like bout it is when YOU become the main target for the other team to even out the score. so much pressure!

Dante1122357d ago

Same here, loving this game now (MP).

bubwright2357d ago

Im sorry but im done with uncharted online. After being scammed!! from the fortune hunters pack I finally had enough, Naughty dog keep to single player games, your online SUCKS!!

Jourdy2882357d ago

I've never played Uncharted online, what's wrong with it?

kevinsheeks2357d ago

i have yet to play 3 mp i alsoo but uc2 was great

BoNeSaW232357d ago

The MP is VERY competitive and you will be slaughtered by the legacy players unless you really put some time into learning maps and weapons. The online Co-op is awesome though. That is where I would start if iwas just jumping in and it's sweet with 2 friends to play with.

Patch 1.09 just came out so we'll see how it balances the competitive side of the MP. I think it will be great, alot of major issues and complaints were fixed

BoNeSaW232357d ago

So your a fortune hunter club member and you refuse to download the new avaliable content you paid for? WAAAHAHAHAHA! LMAO!

bubwright2356d ago

errr. no. naughty dog already gave out all the dlc for fortune hunters members, we got scammed with stupid things like avatar packs. and 2 map packs that were in uncharted 2. read their forums and blog comments dude. people are pissed!!

BoNeSaW232356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

err. No.
I DO read and post in their forums apparently YOU don't!
All you do is spread lies.
THIS map pack is the last of the DLC for the FHC. Which you made very clear by your crappy trolling skills, you are NOT a member of!

Just because some members don't like it doesn't give you the right to spread their lies or just spit out random crap you read in a comment section.

This is the 5th map pack. 3 MP packs and 2 Co-Op maps. And ND announced "Varying pieces of DLC for the FHC, that includes Avatars. Plus, it was extended to 14 pieces of DLC instead of 7. But you wouldn't know that because your just trolling. Nice try hater!