Scarlet Red PlayStation 3 Available to Preorder at EB Games Australia

The Scarlet Red Limited Edition PlayStation 3 has popped up on EB Games Australia online store, now available for preorder.

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Dante1122296d ago

Not bad, I like the Final Fantasy 13 console design the best though.

HaHa_Ostrich2296d ago

I say, the Tales of Xillia PS3 is even prettier

CarlitoBrigante2296d ago

The best one is the Metallic Blue GT5 PS3, or the Golden One Piece PS3 with Ruffy on it.

Why can't Sony bring more colors outside Japan? Many people would buy those shiny Metallic looking PS3s

DarkBlood2296d ago

ugh wish that was here in canada that looks hot to me

Tommy3342296d ago

I still have my 80gig mgs4 bundle PS3. I play everyday no problems.

jeeves862296d ago

Me too *knock on wood* had to upgrade the hard drive though. Ate up the space in the 80 gig in less than a few months :\

falloutx2296d ago

I had one too but i got the ylod last year, It was my fault my ps3 was on like 15 hours straight and I didn't clean it. I miss it but now i got a ps3 slim much quieter.

mayberry2296d ago

I have my launch 60g still on 6-10hrs everyday! No issues at all !

jeseth2296d ago

Your lucky man. Mine kicked it. I was so bummed.

THC CELL2296d ago

I like it but would like a silver PS3

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