Ys: The Oath in Falghana Review for Steam |

Shawn Long of reviews the first Ys game available for Steam.

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Snookies122237d ago

I had never tried the Ys series before getting Ys Seven the other day... It's freaking amazingly fun! I'm really considering checking out this one as well since Seven is so awesome. Not sure how they all stack up to each other though, or which is the best game in the series. o_o

ChickeyCantor2237d ago

Oath of/in Felghana is awesome. My favorite.
I should replay it soon.

Xof2237d ago

From a gameplay perspective, Seven is pretty much Ys perfected.

But, yeah, you should definitely check out the other (more recent) games.

Snookies122237d ago

More recent? I thought Ys Seven was the latest of the series... I remember hearing about it when it was coming out not too long ago. Though I do have to say I love the gameplay, combat is just plain fun on that game hah.

ptownjbo2236d ago

This game was awesome, really liked it.