Get Down, Get Funky with SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERROR!!

The Ubiktune netlabel (host of great albums we’ve previously covered such as Preschtale, Game Genie, and Impostor Nostalgia) has been on a roll lately and it doesn’t look like they plan to stop any time soon. Their latest release, SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERROR!! is practically bursting at the seams with funkalicious original music, all performed with the delightfully nostalgic sound of FM synthesis.

Who is responsible for unleashing this funky bombshell? Not one, but sixteen different artists from around the world. There’s even some names you’ve undoubtedly heard on this site before including Joshua Morse (Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned), C-jeff (Preschtale), Shnabubula (Game Genie), and virt (Mighty Switch Force, Bloodrayne Betrayal).

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