Star Tribune review: 'Ninja Gaiden 3 falls flat on its face ‎

The sequel fails to live up to the legacy of the classic fighting-action game.

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ElementX2233d ago

Nice, another Twin Cities gamer in here?

I'm upset about NG3. I never played the second one, however I was hoping this would be good. I was a fan of the first one, even though I got frustrated with it.

IRetrouk2232d ago

Dude it's honestly not as bad as the reviews are making out, the difficulty has been toned down and most of the weapons are gone but there is a reason for that. The game is fun and at the end of the day isn't that what's important? The game is a straight 7 or 8 in my opinion

Gran Touring2232d ago

wait, so what is the reason the difficulty is toned down and most of the weapons are gone?

blackstrr4112232d ago

IRETROUk. Ure prolly a NOOB CASUAL GAMER. N u prolly own a WII n u absolutely love Kinect

IRetrouk2232d ago

Ok well the first thing you could do is check my gamer card, almost at 80.000 gamerscore and not a single kinect game, what's your gamerscore? Second you could check my psn Id, then what you could do is go through my played list on both profiles and see that I have owned at least 90% of the AAA on both consoles, I don't play on the Wii but my son does, also my vita and 3ds games collections are coming along nicely, anything else you would like to know?