Should You Buy Xenoblade or The Last Story? ‎

Both is the obvious answer - but if you can only buy one, which should it be?

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Kalowest2292d ago

Buy both, thet're awesome JRPGs.

Yi-Long2292d ago

... it has the option for the original voices.

The Last Story is dub-only, which automatically means I won't buy it, sadly.

BldyShdw2292d ago

Does that mean you would never play a game like Persona 3/4 because they don't offer Japanese voice acting (as far as I know at least)?

LoaMcLoa2292d ago

As much as I hate the term I gotta say it: Stop being such a weeaboo!

Dubs can be great, sometimes even better than the original voices! Get over it

CLOUD19832292d ago

Agree we r not anymore in the previous generation of consoles back then I could accept when a JRPG didn't have the original Japanese VO, but not anymore I demand the original voice track from any JRPG released on the current generation of consoles, if there is no dual audio then it's automatically pass for me, I dont even bother.

Eamon2292d ago

Xenoblade is the better choice.

And not because of voice option. In my opinion, it's the better game.

CarlitoBrigante2292d ago

Thats sad. For once we get J-RPGs and yet you're still here nitpicking? Dude get real

Yi-Long2292d ago

... we are by now (hopefully) all used to watching our entertainment in the original language, with subs.

It's just ridiculous that we still have to put up with games that axe the original language in favour of a mediocre/poor dub.

So obviously, when the choice is between 2 great games, 1 with the original language included as an option, and the other just having a dub, I'll choose the game that has the original language!

There really is no excuse in this day and age to release games like this WITHOUT the original language, and for that absolutely is a reason to not pick up such a release.

Hopefully there will be asian releases that DO have the original japanese language combined with english subs, like perhaps the Hong Kong/Singapore release, which is what happened with Final Fantasy XIII-2.

sticky doja2292d ago

"... we are by now (hopefully) all used to watching our entertainment in the original language, with subs."

I actually prefer English dub in my Anime and games. I would rather watch whats happening on the screen instead of being fixated on the bottom portion reading what they are saying in Japenese.

DragonKnight2292d ago

@LoaMcLoa: I agree. I think the english V.O.'s for the dragonball z anime are better than the japanese V.O.'s, especially Goku and Vegeta.

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CanadianTurtle2292d ago


The point of the article is, "if you could only chose one"

But anyways, I'd definitely pick XenoBlade Chronicles because I feel as if it innovates the JRPG genre much more.

jc485732292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

i need some beer lol, but I'm leaning more towards Xenoblade. I think Monolith deserves a little more attention. This is also coming from a Sagakuchi fan.

Relientk772292d ago

I preordered Xenoblade Chronicles. I may get The Last Story at a later date

Ps_alm3k2292d ago

Im currently playing Xenoblade. I must honestly say... I thought jrpg were dead and would never go back to how they used be. This has open my eyes once again. A must own if your a jrpg fan. A must! : )P

Yangus2292d ago

And playing WiiU:)

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