Street Fighter x Tekken PC - Preorders next week or so, no DLC on disc, PC Requirements coming soon

DSOGaming writes: "Capcom’s Svensson and Yoshinori Ono have released some interesting new information about the upcoming PC version of Street Fighter x Tekken. According to Ono, the PC version will not include the DLC on disc. A lot of fans begun wondering why that would happen and Capcom’s moderator ‘Deva Ashera’ shared some thoughts about it."

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GamingPerson2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

"the PC version will not include the DLC on disc"

thanks for the respect. :)

Skate-AK2323d ago

Of corse they won't include the DLC on disc. They don't want it to get hacked so all the characters are unlocked like on 360