Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City No. 1 Blockbuster rental

The top video game rentals at U.S. Blockbuster stores for the week ending April 1.

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Dante1122289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

No offense, but I didn't even know Blockbuster was still around. The one around my house closed ages ago, same with Hollywood Videos. I get most of my rentals from Redbox now. Nice to see people actually trying the game out though despite those harsh reviews.

Kurylo3d2288d ago

they didnt buy it.. so i guess that tells u something

And yea blockbuster is dieing.. ive seen 4 locations around me close in like the last year.. i actually couldnt tell u where another one is at this point... they are all gone. Blockbuster made the mistake of thinking they were king and didnt evolve with technolgy... It was technology that killed them at the end of the day. Netflix and services like it are just way better then going to the store. And redbox is just better all around.

Ness-Psi2287d ago

Yeah my local blockbuster closed down a while ago. I was dissapointed as they had some excellent deals on their games. I never rented anything tho, haven't rented any films or stuff for years.

THC CELL2289d ago

I should of rented it I can't believe gamers are happy getting this

DrPepper2289d ago

not gamers more like gamer zombies who just get something out of impulse.

Drabent2288d ago

Yea I bought this shallow crap too><

DrPepper2289d ago

ummm out of the 2 blockbuster stores left i guess this is a good thing XD

Grimhammer002289d ago

Lol @ blockbuster.

But the game is fun....nowhere near the what reviews have suggested. The problem is re fans expecting a re game. Lol

Seriously, once you figure out that the game is a spinoff what if scenario with a different control scheme, faster action's fun!

I've encountered none of the glitches others say they can't comment on those. Save a load screen freeze twice. AI stupidity? Well enemies are zombies mostly. And the game is meant to be played with friends/randoms. Dropin-out is seemless. Haven't had any issues with finding people to play with.

Gunplay...weapons are underpowered vs human players. This is true. Hit detection isn't too just feels that way because guns are weaker than they aught to be.

It's a solid rental. Buying it ...not so much due to better options currently available. But the game isn't horrible. But it isn't a good representation of the re franchise either.

DrPepper2289d ago

what if scenario my ass. the game single player is so short it can't even be consider that. not to mention the supposed decisions you can make are worthless they don't even have segments of what happens after you make these decisions in the game. all you know is that if you kill leon..... well you kill leon. not to mention all the stupid glitches and lackluster MP experience. im sorry but i understood that this was suppose to be a spin off but next time crapcom decides to do another one, tell them to choose a developer that will put actual effort into it. unlike SLANT SHIT

IRetrouk2288d ago

Do you feel the same about cod, or splinter cell conviction, both have very very short story modes. Didn't stop the praise for those even though they are both mediocre at best

Kurylo3d2288d ago

yea but splinter cell had some great gameplay and a great story... cod is at least fun with its game play.. and modern warfare 2 story actually was good.. espeacially toward the end.

I wouldnt go as far as calling them mediocre. If anything look at the reviews and money recieved to tell u other wise. Slant Six really screwed the pooch with this one and I will be shocked if they can get anyone else to ever outsource work to them again after this horror story of a production... pun intended. lol

IRetrouk2288d ago

I'm sorry but I just don't agree, splinter cell was a major let down for me, being a fan of the earlier games, having so much change that it didnt even feel like a splinter cell game and the sp was so short, it's just not that good , as for cod, it's a rehash year in year out, I know not everyone will agree with me but my opinion is wat it is, also I don't go by game sales or reviews, I try the game before I decide if it's good or not, I'm glad re is doing well, the game is fun, story's not the best but gameplay is quick and responsive and seeing the classic enemies Like zombies. Crimson heads, lickers, tyrants and nemesis always brings a smile to my face, I know it's not the best game but its at least a 7 for me, the reviews for me were way to harsh, same as ng3, but I respect your opinion, keep gaming and have fun

RedDead2288d ago

I've played it too recently. 6/10. Definitely not 1-4. Those scores are retarded honestly. It seems reviewers have fallen into Metacritic mentality

"Like it? 8-10/10"

"don't like 1-5/10"

Myst2288d ago

Yep I rented this game two weeks ago or something like that as well lol. Though for me it was from Family Video