GTA, CoD Popularity Prove That Games Are Too Violent?

When the most popular names in the industry all involve franchises where killing is the focal point, it's difficult to say video games aren't overly violent.

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Gaming1012295d ago

Exactly, tell that to Nintendo who made a fortune this generation selling kids games.
Who cares if a game involves killing? What, we don't see that all the time in movies and tv? Ever read a book with violence in it? Oh that's right, this author probably doesn't read...

dark-hollow2295d ago

Cod and gta aren't popular for their violence only.
Hell is cod even that violent besides that no Russian mission?

MariaHelFutura2294d ago

Even in Mario Bros (NES) you have to "stop" Bowser and kill his kids w/ lava.

badjournalism2295d ago

!WARNING! This post contains overly broad generalizations and panders to anti-gaming media.

IRetrouk2295d ago

Most games don't even portray the violence in a very realistic manor, at the end of the day some of the biggest selling games have barely any violence at all.

MurDocINC2294d ago

After playing batman, I like to sneak out at night in a black cape and beat up on hobos. Shhh...

Rupee2294d ago

If anything that wouldn't prove games are too violent, just that gamers prefer games with violence. But even that is a stretch. Horrible article...

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