zConnection: Natural Selection 2 Hands-On Preview

Mark Stanhope writes: “Upon hearing Natural Selection’s genre, a combination of first-person shooter and real-time strategy, most are sceptical, and for good reason: it’s nearly unheard of in today’s multiplayer market. Fanboys of such titles as Savage and Tremulous may be shouting “rip-off” when they hear of Natural Selection’s design, but it’s important to remember that the original Natural Selection pioneered this method of play, and I’m glad to say the formula is largely unaltered in the sequel.”

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LivingTribunal2290d ago

The original for HL was amazing. Hope this one is equally awesome.

ATi_Elite2290d ago

I like games with steep learning curves!!!

I have no problem spending 8 to 20 hours just figuring out how to play versus beating a game in 8 hours!

I hope they provide a lot of content cause playing in the Doom type space station thing looks to get old!