Weekly Sales Analysis, 31 March 2012 - Kingdom Hearts 3D

The PlayStation Vita and PSP have the biggest drops this week percentage wise and the Vita only sold 30 percent of what its main rival, the 3DS did. The 3DS is the big winner week on week as its sales are up nearly 24,000. Year on year sales don’t look so good with every platform being down. However the 3DS did launch in North America exactly one year ago. Overall sales are up by one percent week on week and down 50 percent year on year.

Overall three games debuted in the top 30 this week. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS) is this week’s biggest debut with sales of 210,859. There are no software milestones this week in the top 30.

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GraveLord2354d ago

Glad to see the PS3 be the #1 best selling console again!
Well deserved!

Dante1122353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

"PlayStation 3 sales are flat week on week and the Xbox 360 has been declining for five straight weeks. The Wii is down slightly after, being up a tad the week before and has remained relatively stable for the last three weeks. The PlayStation 3 has a 45 percent market share; the Xbox 360 has a 32 percent market share; and the Wii has a 23 percent market share. The PlayStation 3 is in first for a 14th straight week."

Wow, the PS3 is really picking up. Dominating WW, 1# console again. If Vgchartz is to be believed, the PS3 now leading by 800,000 for this year as far as consoles go (this early as well).


"The PlayStation 3 sold the most games this week and has lead for nine of the last 10 weeks. The Xbox 360 led for the other week. The PlayStation 3 has a 40 percent market share, the Xbox 360 with 36 percent, and the Wii with 24 percent."

Looks like they lead in software as well, Gravelord.

portal_22353d ago

Sony please announce/release more games for Vita. Also a 16GB Vita bundle and game would work well.

dark-hollow2353d ago

wow kingdom heart 3D sold 200000 already? and on one region?

LX-General-Kaos2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Yes Nintendo AAA exclusive titles have been selling quite well lately. Games like Kingdom Hearts DDD and Kid Icarus Uprising (available now) have done a fine job boosting the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console to the #1 position worldwide.

There seems to be no signs of that momentum of Nintendo magic slowing down, so I expect much more positive news on a weekly basis from the house that Mario built. And yes Nintendo 3DS exclusive Kingdom Hearts DDD did a might fine job in the sales department for only being available in one region. Our Nintendo Elite Japanese brethren know an amazing game when they see one. My lucky Super Mario hat is tipped to them.

God bless Nintendo, and god bless the very people that made this all possible. The others did a fairly good job as well.

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vikingland12353d ago

I hope MS realize that the hardcore gamers don't want Kinect and the weekly decline in sales show it. MS should have still been backing the system with real exclusives not kinect shovel ware only.

Yangus2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Vita not need many AAA titles and price cut?LOL.

Read this:


Yes true.
But Vita its SONY,and problem medicore sales.NO PROFIT!

LX-General-Kaos2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Actually my fellow n4g gamer. The link that you provided says nothing about the Playstation Vita, the need for a price cut, or the need for exclusives. It actually has nothing to do with Sony gaming. Mostly about other sections cutting back in preparation for the 2.7 billion dollar loss.

Response #2
Yes that may be true but the people that were let go had nothing to do with Vita. I understand what you mean but let's just hope those people find jobs instead of proving a point about Sonys gaming devision. Even if the Vita sold better those people would have still been let go. Sony has been going through some hard financial times non gaming related for awhile now.

Even if the Vita put up Nintendo 3DS numbers it would not make up for the financial collapse of other non gaming related sectors inside of Sony. They will have to deal with that problem in a completely different way that I am not educated enough in that field to understand. I'm sure some other Sony fan lurking around will arrive to tell you soon. They will likely have a better grasp on the situation than I do.

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