Easter Roundtable: The Coming of the Wii U – Hail or Fail?

With the Wii U predicted to be available on the market by year's end, it's no longer a question of "if" or "when", but "how". How will the Big N's next-gen effort fare with consumers, and what are we honestly expecting from it? In this week's roundtable, BNBGAMING's staff aims to find out.

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Akuma-2355d ago

I consider the wii u a failure already due to the fact that it was announced over a year ago and there is little info on the device. It's almost like a lot of games that lacks info because it sucks so the devs barely releases any info.

Where are the games? where are the previews for wii us launch title? Why is it hard to release specs about a system that was announced over a year ago?

To each his own, I'm waiting for the ps4 and I know that it'll be powerful with cutting edge technology judging by Sonys track record.

ssb31732355d ago

You're starting to sound very much like an annoying user on here ages ago called Colwyn who also hated Nintendo consoles -__-

OT: The Wii U will not fail, it'll be a great console, all Nintendo consoles are. Personally I like Zelda more than Mario but with those two IPs and many others like pokemon and smash bros on the console, it will be a success. Many developers have aid that it is a true next gen console like EA, Vigil games and more and the rumours of it being underpowered by an anonymous source is most likely fake, coz if it were true then they would have been man enough to give their company names.

Speaking as a gamer who loves all the consoles and is not really much of a fanboy of any, the console will do just fine, there was doom and gloom about the ds, wii, 3ds and now this but look at them, there some of the most sold consoles in the world and the 3ds is on track of breaking the ds record. I'm personally buying one myself :)

TruthbeTold2355d ago

I wonder why people like Akuma make comments like that, as if anyone would believe that they'd ever buy the Wii U or that they are even capable of seeing it as anything but a failure anyway? Pathetic.

Go ahead and buy a PS4 instead. I'm going to buy a Wii U. ENjoy the hell out of it. Then when the PS4 comes out, I'm getting that and enjoying the hell out of it. Gaming is about the games, and both companies have proven that even though there may be some things people don't like, as a whole, they make games that are 'can't miss'.

As if ANYONE could determine 'hail or fail' for a console before it's even been fully revealed, let alone released with playable games...

Ravenor2355d ago

The fact that he seems to lurk waiting for these articles pops up basically points to him being someone with far to much time on his hands and not enough games to play.

Or maybe just maybe, he's one of those types who speculates feels it makes sense to himself and then believes it.

Ck1x2355d ago

@ssb3173: funny you say that because I was thinking the very same thing and Colwyn always made it a point to be the very first poster on a Nintendo related article but ended up saying nothing but negative things about the company just like Akuma does as well! Can we call them "The douche-bag brothers". Its tiresome seeing these articles but truth be told the haters are what fuel Nintendo's success in this industry! So give yourselves a round of applause, because even though they don't fit the description of an underdog, everyone loves to back the underdog and see them win... So keep up the good work guys :)

PopRocks3592355d ago


Nintendo is historically very secretive. Given what has become of the competition of the Wii, I'm not surprised either.

ChickeyCantor2355d ago

Yah we get it, you are waiting for the PS4.

Just a wondering thought, why say Nintendo isn't showing anything because it "sucks". But Sony hasn't shown anything of the PS4 and you are saying its going to be space-magic technology.
According to your logic, the PS4 should be sh/t too. If it's so cutting edge, why isn't Sony showing it?

O yeah, it's called business.

dark-hollow2355d ago

Yeah Nintendo! Don't create hype and release all wii u info before e3. That's a smart idea!!! /s

"To each his own, I'm waiting for the ps4 and I know that it'll be powerful with cutting edge technology judging by Sonys track record"

Since when one cutting edge console for Sony and one weak console for Nintendo became a TRACK RECORD?

The gamecube was more powerful than the ps2 you know, and if we are going by "track records" then ms have the highest possibilitie to release the most powerful console next Gen because they never went cheap with the hardware and they never been the weakest in a generation.

mike1up2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


So it's safe to assume that you have never heard of E3?

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Moncole2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Predicting what will happen seems very good for the Wii U

3rd party game
Nintendo games in HD
Open online for devs
Focusing on downloadible stuff
Innovative controller

I can't see what can go wrong

-Alpha2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

-Expensive console
-One tablet per console (not sure if this has been disproved or not)
-Expensive tablets
-Lack of third party support (not that I care to see PS4/720 games on WiiU)
-Barebones online (and with PSN free, it'd hurt even more, for those that care)
-Outdated hardware, which can lead to dropped or inferior ports

Lots of room for a bad start. They can sell at a loss and have a payoff on the long run if the above problems prove to weigh the console down. I don't see the WiiU being a burden for Nintendo, but things can definitely go wrong. Pricing is my main concern

Unexpecta2355d ago

The Wii U is the epitome of failure for Nintendo.

There's quite a number of reasons why failure is in the horizon of Nintendo, but here is one major point: the console incorporates a tablet like controller.

A gaming console and tablet were never to intersect or even be beside each other, but now Nintendo will be the first in history to do so and they do not understand the consequences for a move like this. The countdown to the destruction of console gaming has begun.

PopRocks3592355d ago

Doom and gloom. just like the Wii and DS. No touch screens and no motion sensing either. Both were very successful.

ChickeyCantor2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

"A gaming console and tablet were never to intersect or even be beside each other,"

Ah yes cause the first "film" was just a rage too wasn't it?

I welcome the touch-screen, the controller doesn't only have the traditional buttons and sticks, but the touchscreen provides for a unified and abstract layout configuration. O and hells yeah, when I feel like relaxing i can just bring the mainscreen to the tablet.

Your statements hold no merit. You're just grasping for air.

Unexpecta2355d ago

You're just sad that Nintendo is going downhill ever since the inception of the 3DS. The announcement of the Wii U was like an idea pulled out of an ass hat full of surprises, but ultimately a let down.

The Wii U is the breaking point, it will create malfunction among Nintendo resulting in catastrophic failure.

Nintendo deserves to be last this time in the race.

-Alpha2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


How has the 3DS been the birth of Nintendo going downhill? It is a great success, both as a seller and the software isn't bad either.

The criticism of the tablet as the WiiU's downfall simply because it is different doesn't mean it will fail. I can only point to the Wii's use of motion control gaming as a history reminder. The tablet is more traditional than motion control in fact, with the only concern being pricing. But the tablet approach is much better than being traditional, as being traditional only makes Nintendo inferior to Sony and MS, with only their First Party to differentiate them. Nintendo's strength is doing something alternative, and the tablet design is certainly interesting and allows for some unique creativity

Digimortal2355d ago

Thanks for the laugh. Downhill for the 3DS? WTF are you going on about.

TheGamingArt2355d ago

Maybe the WiiU will fail because of Nintendo's consistant slap in the face to the Hardcore audience that aren't blind Nintendo loyalists... idk... just maybe

PopRocks3592355d ago

Really. Forget that Nintendo makes quality content, or consoles that don't break or games that can be enjoyed by everyone, not just core or casual gamers.

I don't hear anyone calling owners of the 360/PS3 "graphics whores" or "online trolls" or "CoD fanatics." Since those generalizations are typically brought on by that crowd.

So excuse me for being a "blind Nintendo loyalist" because I happen to like the products they make. Of course it has nothing to do with personal preference.


clearelite2355d ago

Real loser move calling someone a name for stating their opinion, especially since most people agree with him. How about instead of arguing, we work together to ensure a good future of gaming.

BitbyDeath2355d ago

@clearelite, we need more people like you on this site. Comments like PopRocks should not be tolerated from anyone.

Knushwood Butt2355d ago

Consoles that don't break??

My Gamecube was the second most unreliable console I have ever owned (second only to the NEO GEO CD, which had abysmal reliability).

ozzywazzy2355d ago

You'll be hard pressed finding any non loyalists on these threads. While I can't judge the Wii U until I have concrete specs and have seen it in action, I fully agree with "the last slap in the face" called the Wii. I'm hoping for the best, but based on their last attempt.. well I'll leave it at that.

StraightedgeSES2355d ago

playing rated m games does not make you a hardcore gamer

madjedi2355d ago

Neither does playing strictly rated e or t games, not everyone uses the exact same definition of hardcore or mature as everyone else.

But arguing what is mature or hardcore in a videogame is subjective to the user, and typically done to point out how superior one gamer is compared to another, whether it be "skills" or "maturity level".

jacksheen00002355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )


I think the biggest problem Nintendo is going to have with the wii U is not having enough Devs to make core games to keep up with all of our demands.

Though Microsoft and Sony is well equipped with lots of Devs to support their next Gen gaming console.

This is Sony's list of Devs... As you can here Sony is constantly buying out game studios every few years.

Nintendo on the other hand, has not purchased any Game studio other than Retro.

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