What's Hot in 2008 - Xbox 360 Version has compiled a list of some of the most anticipated games to look forward to this year on the 360. GameAlmighty's Chris Jensen writes, "we find ourselves in the No Release Zone, that special time of year when absolutely nothing new is released, forcing most of us to revisit old games. On the upside, this period is almost over and new releases will once again be flowing onto store shelves within the next few weeks."

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TheHater3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I can't wait for Ninja Gaiden 2 and Fable 2

Shadow Flare3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

They should of replaced the word 'Version' with '...literally'. No wonder america contributes most to global warming

destroyah3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

there's nothing to look forward to for 360 in 08. that laughable lineup pales in comparison to MGS4, Killzone 2, Haze, LBP, White Knight Chronicles, Gran Turismo 5, Tekken 6, Infamous, etc etc all in the same year. man it feels great having a PS3. Blu-ray winning, the best 08 lineup, Sony is dominating this year. Microsoft is already confused and lost. Fable 2? i remember all the Fable 1 hype. that game sucked. Halo Wars? looooool

i Shank u3970d ago

woo-hoo!! get pumped up over ps3!!! we're owning the 360 this year dude!!!yea!!! lets make videogames a stupid pointless competiton between consoles!!! yea!!!!!

get a life!

joemomma3970d ago

360 already had its year. Now its ps3s turn. Stop making these :360 version" posts after the ps3 has an awesome news post. It makes it look like 360 is getting table scraps.

socomnick3970d ago

Regardless of Ps3 having 2 big exclusives in 2008 Xbox 360 will still outsell it by alot in the US because nobody cares for it here.

vloeistof3970d ago

oke. so they cant make a list with xbox360 only games

heyheyhey3970d ago

"whats hot in 2008: 360 version" god you can so easily make many, many RROD jokes about this but i dont think i will

MADGameR3970d ago

RRoDs OFCOURSE! 360 is the HOTTEST product in gaming HISTORY! ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.