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What's Hot in 2008 - Xbox 360 Version

GameAlmighty.com has compiled a list of some of the most anticipated games to look forward to this year on the 360. GameAlmighty's Chris Jensen writes, "we find ourselves in the No Release Zone, that special time of year when absolutely nothing new is released, forcing most of us to revisit old games. On the upside, this period is almost over and new releases will once again be flowing onto store shelves within the next few weeks." (Xbox 360)

TheHater  +   2831d ago
I can't wait for Ninja Gaiden 2 and Fable 2
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Shadow Flare  +   2831d ago
"What's Hot in 2008 - Xbox 360 Version"
They should of replaced the word 'Version' with '...literally'. No wonder america contributes most to global warming
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destroyah  +   2831d ago
there's nothing to look forward to for 360 in 08. that laughable lineup pales in comparison to MGS4, Killzone 2, Haze, LBP, White Knight Chronicles, Gran Turismo 5, Tekken 6, Infamous, etc etc all in the same year. man it feels great having a PS3. Blu-ray winning, the best 08 lineup, Sony is dominating this year. Microsoft is already confused and lost. Fable 2? i remember all the Fable 1 hype. that game sucked. Halo Wars? looooool
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i Shank u  +   2831d ago
woo-hoo!! get pumped up over ps3!!! we're owning the 360 this year dude!!!yea!!! lets make videogames a stupid pointless competiton between consoles!!! yea!!!!!

get a life!
joemomma  +   2831d ago
Who cares?
360 already had its year. Now its ps3s turn. Stop making these :360 version" posts after the ps3 has an awesome news post. It makes it look like 360 is getting table scraps.
socomnick  +   2831d ago
Regardless of Ps3 having 2 big exclusives in 2008 Xbox 360 will still outsell it by alot in the US because nobody cares for it here.
vloeistof  +   2831d ago
oke. so they cant make a list with xbox360 only games
heyheyhey  +   2831d ago
"whats hot in 2008: 360 version" god you can so easily make many, many RROD jokes about this but i dont think i will
MADGameR  +   2831d ago
Whats HOT for 360 in 2008?
RRoDs OFCOURSE! 360 is the HOTTEST product in gaming HISTORY! ^_^
360sucks  +   2831d ago
whats hot is your 360
about 2 burnout
destroyah  +   2831d ago
toughNAME  +   2831d ago
the 360 2008 lineup seems dull

but the PS3 lineup doesn't interest me in the slightest

I'll be waiting on this
RIPHDDVD  +   2831d ago
i could see it now
another list of garbage, just like the currently announced titles ahaha
RonDeMuerte  +   2831d ago
That's probably nothing.......
If they had something up their sleeve they would've announced it already.....M$ always does.....if they have anything it would probably be for 2009, and tell me how could they have unannounced games coming out in 2008???? games are usually announced like a year or two before they debut in order to get people excited for them...they only said that to keep X-bots on a leash.......if anything....hahahaha they're probably Xbox live downloadable games...
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Shadow Flare  +   2831d ago
Xbox 360 hit its peak with Halo 3. Its that simple
destroyah  +   2831d ago
they couldn't even make it HD. 640p hahahaha
when they decided to add 4 player co-op, it maxed out the 360's power. the graphics were massively downgraded. i remember when Master Chief actually looked shiny for Halo 3 and now the character models look very bland and plastic and very low res textures.

i Shank u  +   2831d ago
youre a dumbass :)
its that simple.

sorry to be rude, but you both just spread negativity and have nothing to say about the article. maybe you waste time cause you're dumb? i dont know
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Nameless  +   2831d ago
After a very busy 2007 when it comes to 360 games I will gladly welcome a quiet period. I can start up on Wii Games & most PS3 games I am either waiting for a good sale week or simply the bargain bin. Every Console will have its down & quiet time when it comes to games. The PS3 & Wii had it last year every Console has a time when it takes the back seat. Fan Boys will be Fan Boys. The only PS3 game that I will be rushing out to get on opening day is Final Fantasy.
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rulkezx  +   2831d ago
This site is now kinda funny

"Quick an XBOX post rally and spread the F.U.D "
InMyOpinion  +   2831d ago
I was just thinking the same thing.

9/10 comments are bashing the 360...in a 360 thread!

I don't know wether to laugh or cry. I think i'll do both, at the same time.

I'm eager to learn more about those unannounced titles.
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RadientFlux  +   2831d ago
Nothing new really... just a bunch of close-minded idiots that appear not to have jobs and spend there days spreading crap in these forms.
i Shank u  +   2831d ago
since when did being a game's fan mean you need to :
1. pledge allegiance to the company that makes your fav. console and
2. act like a douche about the consoles and to the fans of the consoles you dont have

seems like alot of people on this site dont really care about games, and like to create drama surrounding them instead
Microsoft Knight  +   2831d ago
Look at all the Sonyfanboys in this article i bet the only reason you are here is because you don't have any games on your POS console I'm right aren't i.
Just go away and watch a Blu-Ray Movie on your Beta Blu-Ray player you fake gamers.
joemomma  +   2831d ago
I dont get you 1 bubble people. Even afte youve been shamed you continue to act like idiots. That wont help you get your bubbles back in case you didnt figure that out...
vloeistof  +   2831d ago
no games lol uncharted warhawk rachet call of duty 4 . and old games like resistance motorstorm and all those other multi games
BigKev45  +   2831d ago
Where's Gears of War 2 on the list, it's coming!
heyheyhey  +   2831d ago
gears 2 has been announced for the ps3 as well- this is due to M$ having a fallout with EPIC games over the cancellation of UT3 for the 360

hey if M$ can have a bullsh!t machine, then why cant I?
i Shank u  +   2831d ago
thats not a hype-machine you have, thats a douche-maker. you might want to get rid of it before it turns you into one
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LaChance  +   2831d ago
Have to admit it
Yeah it's true the 360 lineup does look quite dull , the PS3 lineup looks far more exciting but how many games in PS3 lineup is a sure AAA title ? except for MGS4 , GT5 AND FINAL FANTASY(2009) the PS3 lineup is just hype (for the moment).HAZE ain't a sure AAA title nor is LBP , KILLZONE ,INFAMOUS WHITE KNIGHT etc .Microsoft got to do something cuz that just doesn't look tasty cuz if sony's lineup is as good as it looks and ain't just hype the PS3 will be the place to be.
timmyrulz  +   2831d ago
whats hot for the ps3
sequel, sequel 2, sequel 89, "all you get on 360 are shooters, haze, killzone 2", another sequel, final fantasy sequel....oh and dont forget sequel and remake, at lease a vast majority of these are new ip's and yes i know that all the 15 year old spotty teenagers will disagree but thats only cos the truth hurts, the more disagrees the more it proves i am right
ip-student  +   2831d ago
lots of idiots here today
I don't know how you cannot be excited about some of the games coming for the XBOX 360 - Ninja Gaiden 2, Brutal Legend, Alan Wake. These games sound and/or look sick. If you don't have a XBOX 360 (and don't plan to) that is fine, but to crap on these games simply means you aren't a gamer or you are an idiot/fanboy.

Shame - I would like to hear comments that actually bring something to the table and instead I get to read posting after posting of crap. Why don't you try to look at the games mentioned and make a relevant post or wait until there is a more obvious flame-bait thread to say your silly comments about whose line-up is better for 2008 when you haven't played any of the games you are talking about.
segasage  +   2831d ago
these articles are nto even worth commenting on .... you get the usual blabh blah blah xbox has nothing, only 2games..bs

I Actually think the 360 has it's own unique lineup....I could talk about eh Ps3's but this is not about the PS3.

soo many tolls in here but yet complain on PS3 articles...haha the hypocrisy is nothing new

What really sad is both consoles have games worth playing, it's really sad fanboys can't enjoy games because it is on a different box. Almost laughable. I don't mind discussing strategies but this is getting stupid..this site is a wasteland
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fopums  +   2831d ago
I have to say the SONY bots are ludicris today, defending your console is one thing, attacking another is just sad.

if your reading this and thinking about bashing the 360 again please just keep your comments to yourself.

here's to DMC4 coming out though! Buy it for whatever system you want and enjoy it :D
HarryEtTubMan  +   2831d ago
i Shank u  +   2831d ago
NG2! April 1st whatttttt!?
are my eyes retarded? or is Ninja Gaiden 2 really coming out in April? so soon, and so sweet! im amped up after reading that! and battlefield in march will be amazing! and GTA 4 in april too! looks like the spring drought is bringing a damn monsoon this year!
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speed_demon  +   2831d ago
WHAT'S HOT hmmm... oh wait this is a trick question right.... I know the answer its........
the Red Rings of Death (RROD) because when the XBOX 360 gets HOT this is what you get.
Oilers Fan  +   2831d ago
wow, ps3 fanboys aree worse then xbox fanboys, maybe it is some sort of payback but from what i see theres more ps3 fans on this article then xbox fans, yet in ps3 articles for those games it is not like that.

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