Is 2012 the year Nintendo sort out their online game?

CVG: Can we hear an echo? Nintendo kick off every year with the same routine: an investor meeting at which president Satoru Iwata promises to unveil a revolutionary new framework for online play. And every year they follow with baby-steps, half measures and comedy trombone sound effects. Wii Speak in Animal Crossing? Facebook integration for DSi photos? Online lobbies for Mario Kart Wii? Iwata is confusing 'revolutionary' for 'been around for years-ary'. But in 2012, this all changes. Honest.

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PopRocks3592354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

In a way they've already started. Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising both have some pretty impressive online features. Even 3rd party content like Resident Evil: Revelations and the fighting games like Dead or Alive Dimensions and Tekken 3D all have some really nice online components. You also have to use the friend code only once, and those won't even be in the Wii U (yes, Nintendo confirmed it).

Now that's all 3DS and the Nintendo Network was only just recently placed into software. It can still improve, but so can anything else. I don't see it as an Xbox Live killer, but I think it will still be better than before.

dark-hollow2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

hopefully they will improve it even more, at this state it is really pathetic compared to xbox live or SEN.

since they have a huge stable of retro games from the past 25 years, i find it weird that the "virtual console" section is very limited and have very few games.

plus, the 3ds should have downloadable n64 or even gamecube games if it possible.

bottom line, nintendo, start getting your sh!t together in get on with times.

if they can have:
-reasonable hardware horsepower that isnt too far from the ps4/720
-strong third party support.
-good online service
-a $300-$400 max tag. all that and it may be the first nintendo console to have a playstation1/2 like sales.

metroid792353d ago

The 3DS wont have friend codes either m8 if you get a 3ds/wiiu account end of.

PopRocks3592353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Only on N4G can you have people disagreeing with you for stating facts.

EDIT: Unless of course my phantom disagreers really think that Nintendo has done better with online on the 3DS and that the network can still continue to improve.

Technical World2354d ago

They already got a head start in 2011 with the 3DS. The eShop has had a good start and when they add DLC and full game downloads it will be up to par with most other shopping services. I really hope they add a movie section like on the Playstation Store. Those movies from Dreamworks got me thinking about that. Or even a whole different shop for it, or support digital copies. This plus the Nintendo Network coming to games this year will make it one of my favorite platforms to play on. I hope they get apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, etc. on the Nintendo Network for the 3DS and Wii U. Now Xbox and Playstation have them! Can't wait to see what they do with it at E3!!!

lionelglitchy2353d ago

yeah because xbox live and psn is hackers fucking up cod or any other game.constant spam messages on xbox live to join hacked servers,with mw2 i was getting about 20/30 a day and what did ms/activision do about it nothing

ZeroG192353d ago

If its anything like some of the 3DS online games, then I'm not worried...

Ck1x2353d ago

Nintendo has come a long way! There is always room for improvement but so far I do like what I'm seeing. I'm wondering if at e3, they'll plan on announcing a partnership with EA games to have OnLive on the console or maybe something like a huge MMO franchise announcement of World of Warcraft proportions would be amazing for their online network unveiling

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