Should Video Game Publishers and Retailers Compromise over Used Games?

GOS: "The recent rumors of the PS4 and the Next Xbox requiring new games to be tied to a user’s account have caused some gamers to reconsider their purchase of a next-gen console.

I have traded in more games than I have bought used, so the only aspect of my gaming experience these rumors impose on is the ability to share it with another gamer or renting a game from GameFly or other sources.

I believe there should be some sort of compromise from video game companies and retailers about how games are sold next generation.

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MultiConsoleGamer2361d ago

They're going to have to.

Even if they completely eliminated used sales, the increase on new software sales will not be as much as they like. At that point the publishers will have to find another scapegoat.

Godmars2902361d ago

Would be nice, but neither or going to give up actual or even "potential" profits.

I mean devs are constantly grousing about lost revenue from pirated games as if those incidents of piracy would have meant real sales if there had been a way to block the piracy.

maniacmayhem2361d ago

No. If there's a market out there for used goods then any entrepreneur should take advantage of it.

The only thing a publisher could do to stop it is start going digital, offer tasty incentives for buying new or make a damn good game that makes people wait in line until midnight to purchase it day 1.

But in no way should a company have to fork over some of its profits of used games back to the dev/pub. For a dev/pub to even say this is mob mentality.

catfrog2361d ago

no, if a company can offer the same product at a lower price, that company should get the sale. publishers could offer incentives to buy new, and they do, but for the most part the incentives that they do offer are horrible for how much more you pay. things like pre order bonus' and such are just not cutting it, they need to offer all future DLC for free to people who buy their games new

wedgie2361d ago

What stinks for me is not the used games exactly, but I like to rent games a lot. There a bunch of games that will get a 6 or 7, and I know they are probably not the best, but I would still like to just play them once (The Force Unleashed or Spiderman games come to mind for me).

With all of these restrictions, just renting a slightly subpar game will now be impossible, or at least not worth the effort.

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