Silent Hill HD Collection Review.

Explosion take a look at Konami's latest release - two horror classics bundled in one stunning HD package.

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jc485732292d ago

this game hasn't even been fixed yet and people are giving it high scores.

DarkBlood2292d ago

because despite the voices not matching lips which seems to be the only thing i can notice that people are complaining about, doesnt automatically mean the game sucks imo.

in any news the game is awsome yet to touch silent hill 3 portion since im almost done platting silent hill 2 which is scary to me but after couple playthroughs the fear is lessen but still gets the better of me lol

DigitalAnalog2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

From my understanding there's more than just "Lip-sync" issues. Frame-rate is abysmal, textures were a complete mess, fog that was originally mean to cover inconsistencies is almost eliminated. When you have a remaster that performs WORSE than the PS2 then it is a failure of epic proportions.

Heck, DF already made an analysis regarding that further justifying the complaints of the game.