Gearbox Talks Borderlands 2: Customization, Special Editions and a New Character Class on the Way

John Colaw writes, ,"Gearbox held a panel at PAX East to discuss some incredible new things for Borderlands 2 that have never been released anywhere else before and I was on-hand to witness it all"

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VanillaBear2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

A new characer.....oh look at that it's as DLC

Talking about DLC before the game is even out <sigh>

Why don't they just add the character into the final version, developers should never talk about DLC before their game is out.

I'm just hoping the final DLC will let us play as the vault hunters again where the story played out will set up the events of Borderlands 3. I still think it's quite lazy of them to do new characters just because they said they couldn't make them main characters AND give them character developement at the same time.

Oh and I hope they will stop making it seem like the Gunzerker is the main character, the guy has been used on everything. God I hope they havent done a statue of him in the CE.

Summons752296d ago

well from the sound of it they only just started on her seeing she won't be available for a month or two and it is going to be free for people who buy the game new. So putting her in the final game would delay the game even longer.

VanillaBear2296d ago

Free is free I suppose but they still could of worked on including her from the beginging. I mean what if she's a great class for some and people will have to start over after they've gotten far with the save they already have.

Oh and how do we really know she's being worked on, the character could already be finished and just being held back to make it look like the DLC is being pumped out. How many times has a developer said DLC is being worked on and yet it's already done or even on the disc.....

xPhearR3dx2295d ago


As long as its free, I don't care. Borderlands already made its mark on the industry and anyone who's played the game knows there's a TON of content to be had. It's not like you're going to feel cheated like Capcom games.

JohnColaw2295d ago

The way they introduced her to us was as a concept and they were asking our opinion on it. When the crowd went nuts Randy himself said they're going to go ahead and do it. What they showed us was literally just concept art and nothing else.

Free is free.

antz11042293d ago

"I still think it's quite lazy of them to do new characters just because they said they couldn't make them main characters AND give them character developement at the same time."

Lol, do you listen to anything you say before you type it? Making new characters is anything but lazy, and the story revolves around where the originals have ended up. What do you care if they're pushing the Gunzerker? He was playable at PAX and they have another five months to promote the others.

Complain all you want, Gearbox has announced they're putting out a fully spec'd additional character for free, and they're awesome in regards to their fanbase. Think of it like the preorder weapon bonus' if it helps you sleep easier at night.

VanillaBear2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Course it they couldn't give the vault hunters character development AND have them as the main characters.

Part of the main story involves Jack where he's been spreading lies that he opened the vault not the vault hunters.....your saying thats not a part of the vault hunters story. Other games can do character development and have them as the main character so why can't Gearbox do the same, the new characters abilities are basicaly what upgrades they could of given the vault hunters.

Oh and "complain all you want".....I complained about one thing....get over youself please, stop trying to exagerate peoples comments so you can start an argument thats what trolls do.

Think before you type

Hassassin2295d ago

Free DLC is awesome always...
PAID DLC on disk not so much :(

vallencer2295d ago

It is free if you pre order.